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The Spawn Room, or TSR for short, focuses on producing blog and YouTube content that teaches players about their games. Our specialty is strategy and tactics, but we also produce interviews, analytical pieces, entertainment content, and other random videos we spontaneously decide to make. Most everything is run by Sam “perlox” Carlson, but other independent writers and gamers occasionally submit content as well. We’ve evolved many times, testing and experimenting with new content, but we’re always here, working diligently to explore the world of gaming and offer new, relevant content to our fans and followers.

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Behind the Play (BTP) thumbnailBehind the Play (#BTP) is a competitive match analysis series that breaks down basic strategy. We don’t just commentate, we stop, rewind, and analyze every move, share thought processes, and explain the fine details of competitive play. It’s an excellent tool for beginner players looking to actually understand how and why professional players play the way they do. Watch now.


Getting To Know eSports Interview Series (GTKE)Getting to Know eSports (#GTKE) is a behind-the-scenes interview series that focuses on interviewing individuals that make eSports work, but don’t get the limelight like professionals do. These people organize the events, launch websites, run the communities, and much more! Watch now.


The eSports Bulletin (TEB) thumbnailThe eSports Bulletin (TEB) is a daily eSports news show that covers everything from giants like League of Legends to niche communities like Enemy Territory and Quake Live. Find events, join matches, follow players, and everything in between by tuning into the most efficient eSports news show on air! Watch now.


Opinionated eSports Pieces (OEP)Opinionated eSports Pieces (OEP) are lecture-style presentations that share interesting and/or controversial viewpoints about the eSports and gaming world. Watch now.

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