This morning I filmed and uploaded a new Behind the Play (BTP) episode focusing on competitive Team Fortress 2. I cover the basics of competitive play, each class and their primary uses, and a variety of strategic and tactical tips to get you started. And like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive episode, this episode will come in 2 parts. The first, which is embedded below, involves me alone on the map, showcasing basic tips, followed by a part 2 which will analyze match play. After that’s complete, I will begin releasing more match play analysis, not only for TF2, but CS:GO and other competitive titles as well.

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General Notes

  • The standard lineup is statistically most effective (2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo, 1 medic). There are other optimal lineups depending on specific variables, but it’s difficult to determine or predict which is why most lineups remain this way.

  • Analyze tradeoffs, ex. damage on enemy demo, or destroy stickies

  • Maintain awareness, don’t miss simple checks

  • Be aware of both teams current class compositions, be dynamic

  • Holding vs. Pushing, exploit openings when available

  • Calculate your advantage to determine best course of action

  • Communication is vital, keep tabs on enemy team

  • Positioning is important, value locations differently, know what’s strong and weak

  • Don’t leave your medic unprotected, even if you’re not pocket or roaming

  • Don’t worry about KDR or points, it’s a team game

  • Watch pro matches for best class-based tactics. Subtle changes in play are valuable and add up. Don’t learn bad habits for less talented players.

  • Play deathmatch (DM) to increase micro/movement skills.

Class Notes


  • Fast and mobile + double jump

  • Can effectively avoid damage while dealing it

  • Can quickly reinforce allies, escape, or get behind enemy lines

  • 2x objective capping, back capping
  • Strong for medic picks and forcing ubers

  • Can draw fire, disorient enemies, bait enemies, etc.

  • They can steal ammo and health from enemy areas denying their use of it

  • They’re good at controlling enemy snipers


  • Standard damage dealer
  • AOE splash damage, LOS direct fire

  • Slow movement, but can rocket jump

  • Pocket solider vs roaming soldier

  • AOE can blow people off points, long range targets


  • AOE/DOT damage, crowd control, Uber suppression

  • Remember that switching off standard comp can put you at a disadvantage


  • AOE damage, map control

  • Very powerful, that’s why there is only 1

  • Sticky jump

  • Pipes are powerful but arc and can be difficult to defend with


  • Slow, but high DPS close range

  • Good for last point defense


  • Good for last point defense


  • Heal teammates on the field, deploy uber charges

  • DO NOT drop ubers

  • Medics keep your team alive and active and able to move forward

  • Medics will almost always be charging


  • Good for picks and map control


  • Good for picks