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The eSports Bulletin #78

Good morning eSports fans and players! It’s time for another episode of the eSports bulletin, the fastest and most efficient way to keep up with eSports. Today’s episode briefly lays out today’s events and matches and then discusses the Blizzard-IPL sale that was announced yesterday. Here is a breakdown of what’s covered:

1. Monday’s episode:
2. SK Planet Proleague:
3. WCS GSL Code S:
4. MLG Winter Exhibition:
5. The Premier League:
6. G-1 Champions League:
7. RaidCall Dota 2 League:
8. Solomid EU Invitational:
9. GIGABYTE StarsWar League:
10. (TL Thread) Blizzard/IPL:
11. (Reddit) Blizzard/IPL:

WePlay Dota 2 League: Group Stage #2 groups announced
Team Dignitas confirmed that Samayan “BlinG” Kay has resigned with their team
Choi “CranK” Jae Won re-signs with Axiom eSports
Gosu Gamers have released Q1 rank changes for LoL (teams)
ESReality has this week’s Quake Live schedule up with 12 different events

The eSports Bulletin #77

It’s time for another episode of the eSports bulletin! This morning you’ll find a very full plate of eSports goodness since a ton of stuff happened this weekend and will be continuing on this week. Here are the topics covered:

1. Acer TeamStory Cup:
2. SK Planet Proleague Round 4 (SPL):
3. The Premier League (TPL):
4. World of Tanks Pro League (WoT):
5. Major League Gaming Winter Exhibition (MLG):
7. Solomid European Invitational:
8. GIGABYTE StarsWar League Season 2:
9. OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 (OGN):
10. NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 Qualifiers:
11. League of Legends Championship Series (LCS): &
12. Evil Geniuses RaidCall Dota 2 League:
13. G-1 Champions League:
14. DreamHack Dota 2 Invitational Playoffs:
15. ShootMania Storm launch:
16. RaidCall EMS One CS:GO:
17. Garena Premier League (GPL):
18. Tencent LoL Pro League:
19. Call of Duty Championship (#CoDeSports):
20. Starladder Season 5 Finals (SLTV):
21. FGC: April Duels II:
22. IGN IPL $100,000 ShootMania Finals:

G-1 Champions League releases NA/EU qualifier bracket
The Dignitas B squad for League of Legends has left the organization; however 4 of 5 will remain together, with Zachary “SnEaKyCaStRoO” Scuderi joining Quantic Gaming
epic.11 LAN on July 25-28, has confirmed tournaments for CoD 4, CS:GO, and Dota 2 with up to 3000 EURO prize pools
The TF2 competitive community has launched another fundraiser to bring 1 NA team to Insomnia 49, $4,770/$10,800 raised so far


ClanBase Enemy Territory tournaments 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2013 and ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII are set to begin shortly

The eSports Bulletin #76

After a 5 month hiatus, I’ve decided to restart the eSports Bulletin. I had initially stopped because it was too time consuming to produce each episode, but recently I’ve been really wanting to do it and I think I can find a way to make it more efficient and less strenuous. The eSports Bulletin is a daily eSports news show that works to deliver relevant content in an extremely efficient manner. The design I chose revolves around this scenario:

  • “I left eSports for X amount of time and I need to get caught up. What events or matches are going on today or in the near future that I might be interested in? What shows or podcasts are happening so I can catch up on eSports culture? What is my scene talking about right now?”

The bulletin is here to help fans and players keep up with eSports and even discover new content. I am constantly seeking out tournaments and shows to add to the list. Another aspect that makes the eSports bulletin unique is that it spans all genres and scenes. From the biggest ones like League of Legends to small niche communities like Enemy Territory. My goal is to keep you connected at the least possible cost. So if you want a great way to keep up with eSports, or to introduce a friend to eSports, let them know about the eSports bulletin and we can help grow eSports together!

The eSports Bulletin is released Monday through Friday at 8AM EDT / 7AM CDT. That way you can get the earliest report of that days happenings and be prepared for any upcoming matches you’re dying to see. All bulletins are uploaded to YouTube at This show is not streamed live on Twitch, so don’t go looking for it there. I had released a couple episodes of the eSports Nightly which was a once-weekly show on Sunday’s/Monday’s that I filmed live, but that was incredibly time consuming and difficult to do. So I scrapped it.

I also wanted to note that during the past 5 months, a variety of eSports shows have died. In each episode I list upcoming podcasts and shows you might be interested in. I had a nice sized list of shows 5 months ago and during my update today I had to go through and see which were still active. Of the approximately 50 shows I had found, around half have died since then! And some of them were produced by large eSports organizations. It just goes to show how fragile and dynamic the eSports industry is. Here are some of the best shows that have died:

  • eXtravision by eXtelevision, a competitive Team Fortress 2 show.
  • All shows by Definitive eSports, although it looks like their organization will be back soon.
  • All shows by The Dota Show, aka LuminousInverse.
  • Big Two Tournament Series by Next Level, a fighting game show that features match play.
  • Meta Musings by ggChronicle. They still do the Trinity Force Podcast, but apparently don’t upload to YouTube anymore.
  • MOBA Weekly and The Executives by Complexity Gaming.

Some other shows have become what I call “variable” where they are released off and on, rather than on a regular schedule. An example would be the Day9 Dailies which used to be released consistently, but are not interspersed with Let’s Play’s and other content.

The eSports Bulletin #70 and eSports Nightly News Broadcast Episode 2

First up is the latest eSports bulletin for October 2nd, 2012. It not only covers today’s most important news items, but also announces an important change coming to the eSports bulletin starting tomorrow! The topics covered are:

  1. EsportSM Swedish Championship
  2. ASUS ROG GD Invitational
  3. International eSports Federation Conference
  4. LIQUIPEDIA: IeSF World Championship 2012
  5. League of Legends Season 2 World Playoffs
  6. Major League Gaming giveaway

Next up is the latest eSports Nightly News Broadcast, which unfortunately didn’t air live on Sunday due to me getting back late from a wedding out of town. But I got it made and it recaps the entire previous week + a preview of this current week! Check it out for detailed information regarding the insane amount of tournaments en route the next few months!!!

And lastly is yesterday’s eSports bulletin, which was recorded earlier today because the Nightly took so damn long to make! :P It covers all the latest and greatest for October 1st, 2012 and talks about these specific topics:

  1. Upcoming events mentioned in the eSports Nightly
  2. Hwanni leaving FNATIC for Evil Geniuses
  3. ESPlanet launches with ESPlay Opens
  4. 4PL adds CS:S and CS:GO tournaments
  5. Gamersbook giveaway
  6. Heaven Media / Tt eSports giveaway
  7. ESFI World giveaway
  8. Team Liquid’s TL Attack is back
  9. Definitive eSports “Heart of the Beta”

And that’s it! Thanks for watching and be sure to consider subscribing for more daily eSports content like this.

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The eSports Nightly News Broadcast Episode 1

Today marks the first day of a brand new LIVE broadcast I’m doing on! The eSports Nightly is a weekly show that recaps the previous week in eSports and give a preview for all the upcoming events and important news items. I’m hoping to stream every Sunday at 10PM EST / 9PM CST which will hopefully allow for viewers to send in shout outs and news items during the broadcast. Here is the link to the VOD on Twitch if you prefer their video player to YouTube’s.

If you have any feedback let me know! You can leave a comment here, on YouTube, and via Twitter or Facebook. And be sure to consider subscribing on YouTube, following, and following on Twitter. Each and everyone helps tremendously. Thanks!!!

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