Another day, another eSports bulletin! I’m still getting used to the new format and keep almost forgetting to switch the slides, but otherwise I’m really liking it. Looks more sleek, especially today after adding some more graphics. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s what we talked about:

  1. raises $15M in venture capital from Bessemer Venture Partners
  2. 8th Excello ZOWIE Call of Duty 4 tournament
  3. Canada Cup 2012 and qualifiers
  4. Fan4Fan StarCraft II tournament
  5. UMG Gaming 4v4 $10k Black Ops 2 Christmas LAN
  6. Complexity Gaming Minigun vs Academy showmatch
  7. Chips and Noi present Tales of the Lane
  8. Team Liquid StarCraft 2 player Hayder “HayprO” Hussein retires
  9. Heart of the Swarm beta patch
  10. AbsoluteLegends recruiting
  11. SK Gaming recruiting
  12. ESFI World recruiting
  13. TEK9 recruiting
  14. Pure Pwnage announces feature film return
  15. ESL reveals Baltic Counter-Strike 1.6 LAN event

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