First up is the latest eSports bulletin for October 2nd, 2012. It not only covers today’s most important news items, but also announces an important change coming to the eSports bulletin starting tomorrow! The topics covered are:

  1. EsportSM Swedish Championship
  2. ASUS ROG GD Invitational
  3. International eSports Federation Conference
  4. LIQUIPEDIA: IeSF World Championship 2012
  5. League of Legends Season 2 World Playoffs
  6. Major League Gaming giveaway

Next up is the latest eSports Nightly News Broadcast, which unfortunately didn’t air live on Sunday due to me getting back late from a wedding out of town. But I got it made and it recaps the entire previous week + a preview of this current week! Check it out for detailed information regarding the insane amount of tournaments en route the next few months!!!

And lastly is yesterday’s eSports bulletin, which was recorded earlier today because the Nightly took so damn long to make! :P It covers all the latest and greatest for October 1st, 2012 and talks about these specific topics:

  1. Upcoming events mentioned in the eSports Nightly
  2. Hwanni leaving FNATIC for Evil Geniuses
  3. ESPlanet launches with ESPlay Opens
  4. 4PL adds CS:S and CS:GO tournaments
  5. Gamersbook giveaway
  6. Heaven Media / Tt eSports giveaway
  7. ESFI World giveaway
  8. Team Liquid’s TL Attack is back
  9. Definitive eSports “Heart of the Beta”

And that’s it! Thanks for watching and be sure to consider subscribing for more daily eSports content like this.

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