After a 5 month hiatus, I’ve decided to restart the eSports Bulletin. I had initially stopped because it was too time consuming to produce each episode, but recently I’ve been really wanting to do it and I think I can find a way to make it more efficient and less strenuous. The eSports Bulletin is a daily eSports news show that works to deliver relevant content in an extremely efficient manner. The design I chose revolves around this scenario:

  • “I left eSports for X amount of time and I need to get caught up. What events or matches are going on today or in the near future that I might be interested in? What shows or podcasts are happening so I can catch up on eSports culture? What is my scene talking about right now?”

The bulletin is here to help fans and players keep up with eSports and even discover new content. I am constantly seeking out tournaments and shows to add to the list. Another aspect that makes the eSports bulletin unique is that it spans all genres and scenes. From the biggest ones like League of Legends to small niche communities like Enemy Territory. My goal is to keep you connected at the least possible cost. So if you want a great way to keep up with eSports, or to introduce a friend to eSports, let them know about the eSports bulletin and we can help grow eSports together!

The eSports Bulletin is released Monday through Friday at 8AM EDT / 7AM CDT. That way you can get the earliest report of that days happenings and be prepared for any upcoming matches you’re dying to see. All bulletins are uploaded to YouTube at This show is not streamed live on Twitch, so don’t go looking for it there. I had released a couple episodes of the eSports Nightly which was a once-weekly show on Sunday’s/Monday’s that I filmed live, but that was incredibly time consuming and difficult to do. So I scrapped it.

I also wanted to note that during the past 5 months, a variety of eSports shows have died. In each episode I list upcoming podcasts and shows you might be interested in. I had a nice sized list of shows 5 months ago and during my update today I had to go through and see which were still active. Of the approximately 50 shows I had found, around half have died since then! And some of them were produced by large eSports organizations. It just goes to show how fragile and dynamic the eSports industry is. Here are some of the best shows that have died:

  • eXtravision by eXtelevision, a competitive Team Fortress 2 show.
  • All shows by Definitive eSports, although it looks like their organization will be back soon.
  • All shows by The Dota Show, aka LuminousInverse.
  • Big Two Tournament Series by Next Level, a fighting game show that features match play.
  • Meta Musings by ggChronicle. They still do the Trinity Force Podcast, but apparently don’t upload to YouTube anymore.
  • MOBA Weekly and The Executives by Complexity Gaming.

Some other shows have become what I call “variable” where they are released off and on, rather than on a regular schedule. An example would be the Day9 Dailies which used to be released consistently, but are not interspersed with Let’s Play’s and other content.