Today I added two new pages to The Spawn Room’s main site: “The eSports Whitelist for Adblock” and “The Spawn Room eSports Shows“. These two pages share in detail two aspects of TSR content that have been around for over a year. The first, the Whitelist for Adblock, explains what it is and why you should consider using it. By adding the whitelist to your browser, you can use Adblock on over 99% of websites, while disabling it on eSports community websites like The Spawn Room, Team Liquid,, and Major League Gaming. I understand that ads can be annoying and Adblock is like a gift from the programming Gods of awesomeness, but disabling it within communities you support is actually pretty helpful. And you may even be surprised that some ads within eSports are actually somewhat relevant and can lead to discovering cool, new content. Either way, consider supporting eSports by using the whitelist.

The second page lists off all the different shows The Spawn Room produces. Each section contains a description of what the show is, why you should watch it, and when it airs. It also has an embedded playlist for each series with the most recent upload ready to watch! You should definitely go check it out and see if there’s anything you’re missing out on. There also a section for sponsorship and advertising opportunities. If you have a show, event, team, or anything else you’d like to get recognition for, you can sponsor episodes of any series for very minimal cost, in fact one of the options is even free!

Well, that’s the site update for now. Be sure to keep an eye on the shows page or our YouTube channel for upcoming eSports interviews and next weeks eSports bulletins.