The Ultimate Gaming Championship came to a close Sunday and I wanted to give it some sort of “comprehensive” write up. Unfortunately my efforts were focused almost entirely on MLG so I probably missed quite a bit of unique content I could have hit up in the Twitter streams. Oh well, it was worth it. The format for this article will be similar to MLG’s and we’ll start it off with Brackets & Results! Updates will be added as I find them!

Brackets & Results

Official UGC Brackets: Quake Live | Starcraft 2 | Call of Duty 4 | PES 2011 | Super Street Fighter IV

SK-Gaming’s Tournament Coverage page.

SK-Gaming sums up the Quake Live coverage.

Match Coverage

Tek-9 has some great coverage pages of the event.

Images & Galleries

The UGC Facebook has uploaded a bunch of pictures!

SK-Gaming: Image Gallery

Videos & Channels Stermy’s uploads from UGC

Stermy: Stermy’s YouTube Channel

QuadV: QuadVtv’s YouTube Channel

popsQ2: PopS YouTube Channel

Furiousvlog: Furiousvlog’s YouTube Channel

If there’s anything juicy I missed, contact me on Twitter (@SpawnRoom), in the comments, or on Facebook!

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