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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm TONIGHT

Tonight we finally get our hands on Cataclysm and anticipation has never been higher. We got some food, some drank (caffeinated), and some lovin’ for WoW, and we’re ready to get our hands dirty in this next great expansion. The majority of Spawn Room WoW-ers play on US-Azgalor, so if you want to join us, hop on Mumble and get to playin’. We’ll be on late tonight! Hope to see you on.

The Battle for Gnomeregan

Its the beginning of Cataclysm in Azeroth! New quest lines for Gnomeregan opened up in Dun Morogh that begins the retake of Gnomer.  The quest line got a little repetitive for myself, seeing as i needed to do it on 10 toons, but the first time i did it on the Warrior it was really fun.  The beginning quests are a little tedious, however, the quest line itself takes to into Gnomer as you team up with High Tinker Mekkatorque to fight Mekgineer Thermaplugg for control of the city.  Overall nicely done by Blizz. You get a damage and HP regen buff for the fight and any dps class will appreciate the huge numbers you put up in the battle.  Also, you recieve a trinket type of item from the quest line that turns you into a Gnomeregan soldier (Blue armor with a scuba diver helm) that is definitely pretty cool.  Only fail downside i saw was that the soldier costume only lasts for 30min with a 4 HOUR COOLDOWN! omg…  kinda dumb CD but the costume is entertaining haha

Cheers,  Jalmari

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