Awhile back I signed up for a Firefall public beta invite after seeing it mentioned on some eSports websites and forums as a potential candidate for a new competitive title. I looked into it and didn’t see much potential for that, but I did see a game that looked fairly intriguing for an MMO. After a somewhat lengthy install I jumped in-game and began exploring the new world of Firefall. This video covers my experience as a new player (first impressions), what I liked and disliked, and a review of the game thus far.

Show Notes

Startup impressions

  • Downloader ran fine, nothing weird
  • Nothing annoying when starting up (no forced ads/splash videos)
  • Paste username and password!
  • Has an invasive anti-cheat like most games (scans PC, like Warden)
  • Be nice! You can be banned for any reason like most games nowadays

Client Options

  • Borderless window mode!
  • Separate PVP video options
  • Stream to Twitch from in-game
  • Modify interface built in
  • It looks like they did their research

Character Creation

  • Create character gives some customization options, but not many
  • Multiple classes to choose from


  • Runs better than PlanetSide 2 which is what I would compare it against right away

In-Game Notes

  • You can modify character if you don’t like it after selecting
  • World was really dark when I got in because it was night
  • Gamma washed it out tho, might want to lessen the night effect a bit
  • Not much of an introduction or help, I didn’t know what I was doing
  • Wandered out into the wilderness and got into a battle
  • Since FPS was able to handle myself which was cool
  • Felt like Borderlands

More World Notes

  • Huge world, non-linear, go anywhere
  • Gliders were sweet, you could have a lot of fun with those depending on world placement
  • Still no help, where do I get quests? Are there outposts with quests?
  • Like MMO Unreal Tournament
  • Combat was exciting, doesn’t tell if I got a reward or anything though
  • Servers were slow, menus were slow, to be expected though, except maybe menu speed?
  • NPCs / combat AI are dumb
  • Combat can be pretty intense
  • Not as many ppl playing as PS2, you def. can’t take towers by yourself at low level
  • Mining nodes like most MMOs, random “chests” (supply crates)
  • Cool areas to explore, some epic monsters roaming around, quite a bit of empty space tho
  • I seriously have no idea what I was supposed to be doing
  • Night time is really dark
  • I didn’t see any vehicles driving around
  • Weakness of both this game and PS2 was a lack of direction
  • I just ran around aimlessly, this was better tho for MMO imo
  • Quests I was able to do really repetitive, could be like GW2
  • Did I get a quest reward? I have no idea…
  • I didn’t really understand the environment, there was beach resorts and houses randomly
  • If F2P definitely something worth checking out
  • Has potential for awesomeness
  • Apparently you can’t swim, I died so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to respond, WTF!?!