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Firefall free public beta weekend, First Impressions Review

Awhile back I signed up for a Firefall public beta invite after seeing it mentioned on some eSports websites and forums as a potential candidate for a new competitive title. I looked into it and didn’t see much potential for that, but I did see a game that looked fairly intriguing for an MMO. After a somewhat lengthy install I jumped in-game and began exploring the new world of Firefall. This video covers my experience as a new player (first impressions), what I liked and disliked, and a review of the game thus far.

Show Notes

Startup impressions

  • Downloader ran fine, nothing weird
  • Nothing annoying when starting up (no forced ads/splash videos)
  • Paste username and password!
  • Has an invasive anti-cheat like most games (scans PC, like Warden)
  • Be nice! You can be banned for any reason like most games nowadays

Client Options

  • Borderless window mode!
  • Separate PVP video options
  • Stream to Twitch from in-game
  • Modify interface built in
  • It looks like they did their research

Character Creation

  • Create character gives some customization options, but not many
  • Multiple classes to choose from


  • Runs better than PlanetSide 2 which is what I would compare it against right away

In-Game Notes

  • You can modify character if you don’t like it after selecting
  • World was really dark when I got in because it was night
  • Gamma washed it out tho, might want to lessen the night effect a bit
  • Not much of an introduction or help, I didn’t know what I was doing
  • Wandered out into the wilderness and got into a battle
  • Since FPS was able to handle myself which was cool
  • Felt like Borderlands

More World Notes

  • Huge world, non-linear, go anywhere
  • Gliders were sweet, you could have a lot of fun with those depending on world placement
  • Still no help, where do I get quests? Are there outposts with quests?
  • Like MMO Unreal Tournament
  • Combat was exciting, doesn’t tell if I got a reward or anything though
  • Servers were slow, menus were slow, to be expected though, except maybe menu speed?
  • NPCs / combat AI are dumb
  • Combat can be pretty intense
  • Not as many ppl playing as PS2, you def. can’t take towers by yourself at low level
  • Mining nodes like most MMOs, random “chests” (supply crates)
  • Cool areas to explore, some epic monsters roaming around, quite a bit of empty space tho
  • I seriously have no idea what I was supposed to be doing
  • Night time is really dark
  • I didn’t see any vehicles driving around
  • Weakness of both this game and PS2 was a lack of direction
  • I just ran around aimlessly, this was better tho for MMO imo
  • Quests I was able to do really repetitive, could be like GW2
  • Did I get a quest reward? I have no idea…
  • I didn’t really understand the environment, there was beach resorts and houses randomly
  • If F2P definitely something worth checking out
  • Has potential for awesomeness
  • Apparently you can’t swim, I died so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to respond, WTF!?!

Guild Wars 2 review, To Buy or Not to Buy! (Positives and Negatives)

Every now and then I publish content on my general gaming channel “perlox5”. This time around it’s for the most recent MMO to hit the markets: Guild Wars 2. My friends and I picked up copies and set out into the world of Tyria to explore and test out what ArenaNet could deliver. I am a long-time World of Warcraft player and fan, and have tested a variety of different paid, F2P, and beta MMO’s to find something to replace my longing for the next WoW. But so far nothing has come close. Is Guild Wars 2 the next big MMO? Does it live up to expectations? Is it the next WoW? All those answers and more within!

Update 7/31/2013: so we ended up playing the game for 40-50 hours before quitting, but eventually returned a second and third time. It’s an excellent game considering no paid subscription. You can get bored, take a break, and return without worrying about the monthly fee. We’ve leveled a couple characters, had fun times with the unique content, but miss some of the traditional MMO mechanics like distinct class roles and raiding content. As of now I’ve sunk over 125 hours into the game and consider the cost of picking up well covered. There’s also a fair number of players still playing and world events have a pretty good turnout.

Why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sucks

For all you nubs out there who are still playing this broken, worthless game, here is an excellent summation of it’s gheyness: Link. Switching to almost any other FPS would be an improvement, not to mention most others actually have a ballin’ competitive scene; do it now!

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