Every now and then I publish content on my general gaming channel “perlox5”. This time around it’s for the most recent MMO to hit the markets: Guild Wars 2. My friends and I picked up copies and set out into the world of Tyria to explore and test out what ArenaNet could deliver. I am a long-time World of Warcraft player and fan, and have tested a variety of different paid, F2P, and beta MMO’s to find something to replace my longing for the next WoW. But so far nothing has come close. Is Guild Wars 2 the next big MMO? Does it live up to expectations? Is it the next WoW? All those answers and more within!

Update 7/31/2013: so we ended up playing the game for 40-50 hours before quitting, but eventually returned a second and third time. It’s an excellent game considering no paid subscription. You can get bored, take a break, and return without worrying about the monthly fee. We’ve leveled a couple characters, had fun times with the unique content, but miss some of the traditional MMO mechanics like distinct class roles and raiding content. As of now I’ve sunk over 125 hours into the game and consider the cost of picking up well covered. There’s also a fair number of players still playing and world events have a pretty good turnout.