Realm of the Mad God gameplay analysis and quick start tips

My friends and I were looking for a new game to play this weekend, something quick and easy to install and get into. We discovered Realm of the Mad God on Steam. It was a pretty fun way to waste a few hours and I decided to create a quick start tutorial to help new players get into the game and understand what is going on. Especially since, the first time I jumped in, I got pulled into the end-game right away and died immediately. I had no idea what had happened. Hopefully this will explain some of the basics to get you off the ground.

More game information can be found here.

Runes of Magic – Live Server Exploration – Undeveloped Zones / Beneath Varanas

This video is a brief exploration of the world behind Runes of Magic. I only played for a short while so it only covers an area by the “new character zone” and Varanas. This was all done live and as far as I know still possible on live servers to date. Note however, this footage was frapsed Spring of 2009.

Both areas I reached, before entering undeveloped locations, was done so by “climbing” the mountains. Very similar to how you can reach undeveloped areas in WoW. Like most of my videos, this is done as an “artistic” representation of the game and not a “how to.” Music Credits: “Peace Orchestra – Who Am I” and “PPK – Resurrection”.

The Emerald Dream – World of Warcarft (Exploration BC Era)

This video stars “Spoons” as he explores the hidden world of the Emerald Dream (or Emerald Nightmare).

I created this video because I love exploiting and exploration in WoW and other MMOs. This desire was heavily influenced by Nogg-aholic the Movie and if you haven’t seen it, it is imperative that you get a copy ASAP! lol (seriously though)

I also recommend you watch it with the “high quality” setting because the normal quality looks much worse. Song is: Xploding Plastix – Donca Matic.

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