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HuK to Team Liquid

HuK, qualifier for IEM Season V and winner of MLG Raleigh is now part of Team Liquid, making there already solid team even stronger. The phenomenal Canadian Starcraft 2 pro, (I wonder if he trains with Jeremy) will be  moving into the Team Liquid – oGs house in Korea with several other Team Liquid players to play Starcraft full time. Read the full interview/article here. GG.

Mass Queen (Starcraft 2)

Continuing on with the Feature Friday barrage of awesome gaming videos, I have a ridiculous Starcraft 2 replay commentated by HuskyStarcraft. This game is between FruitSeller aka oGsCool and another Korean. oGsCool makes some good use of Queens, creep tumors and spine crawlers to best his opponent and makes for a very entertaining game.

Part 1

Part 2

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