Major League Gaming has announced their Halo Reach competitive rule set. For those of you unfamiliar with rule sets, they’re basically a set of changes to the gameplay that defines a new game type. In this case, it’s for MLG which hosts competitive tournaments for professional Halo players (among others). You may remember this being added in Halo 3 as one of your matchmaking options. Well now it’s approaching for Reach as well, and soon we’ll have aspiring pro-Halo players pwning with the official gametype.

The new rule set looks pretty standard (Halo 3 MLG RS v8) with a boost to player speed (120%) and jump height (110%), which will return a familiar feel to the game. Player gravity has also been adjusted to 200%, which seems really high, but I’m guessing this will help return that Master Chief-feel to the game. Players should now be able to make jumps and clear gaps that they normally couldn’t. As expected, motion tracker is off, penalties and booting are disabled, and you start with the DMR and no side weapon.

Right now they have Team Slayer listed with Asylum, Countdown, Reflection, and Zealot as available maps, and CTF with Aslyum, Countdown, and Zealot. Hopefully with some more testing and tweaking they’ll add some additional maps and game types.

For more information about the new rule set, check out the full article and description. See you on Live!