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Behind the Play #5 – Team Fortress 2 Basic Strategy and Tactics

This morning I filmed and uploaded a new Behind the Play (BTP) episode focusing on competitive Team Fortress 2. I cover the basics of competitive play, each class and their primary uses, and a variety of strategic and tactical tips to get you started. And like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive episode, this episode will come in 2 parts. The first, which is embedded below, involves me alone on the map, showcasing basic tips, followed by a part 2 which will analyze match play. After that’s complete, I will begin releasing more match play analysis, not only for TF2, but CS:GO and other competitive titles as well.

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General Notes

  • The standard lineup is statistically most effective (2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo, 1 medic). There are other optimal lineups depending on specific variables, but it’s difficult to determine or predict which is why most lineups remain this way.

  • Analyze tradeoffs, ex. damage on enemy demo, or destroy stickies

  • Maintain awareness, don’t miss simple checks

  • Be aware of both teams current class compositions, be dynamic

  • Holding vs. Pushing, exploit openings when available

  • Calculate your advantage to determine best course of action

  • Communication is vital, keep tabs on enemy team

  • Positioning is important, value locations differently, know what’s strong and weak

  • Don’t leave your medic unprotected, even if you’re not pocket or roaming

  • Don’t worry about KDR or points, it’s a team game

  • Watch pro matches for best class-based tactics. Subtle changes in play are valuable and add up. Don’t learn bad habits for less talented players.

  • Play deathmatch (DM) to increase micro/movement skills.

Class Notes


  • Fast and mobile + double jump

  • Can effectively avoid damage while dealing it

  • Can quickly reinforce allies, escape, or get behind enemy lines

  • 2x objective capping, back capping
  • Strong for medic picks and forcing ubers

  • Can draw fire, disorient enemies, bait enemies, etc.

  • They can steal ammo and health from enemy areas denying their use of it

  • They’re good at controlling enemy snipers


  • Standard damage dealer
  • AOE splash damage, LOS direct fire

  • Slow movement, but can rocket jump

  • Pocket solider vs roaming soldier

  • AOE can blow people off points, long range targets


  • AOE/DOT damage, crowd control, Uber suppression

  • Remember that switching off standard comp can put you at a disadvantage


  • AOE damage, map control

  • Very powerful, that’s why there is only 1

  • Sticky jump

  • Pipes are powerful but arc and can be difficult to defend with


  • Slow, but high DPS close range

  • Good for last point defense


  • Good for last point defense


  • Heal teammates on the field, deploy uber charges

  • DO NOT drop ubers

  • Medics keep your team alive and active and able to move forward

  • Medics will almost always be charging


  • Good for picks and map control


  • Good for picks

Shout Out: A Beast In Sheep’s Clothing

I’m always excited to read about Team Fortress 2, having played so many hours of it, so this Friday I’m bringing you, not only a video, but an article to accompany it. It’s an interview with sheep from Team Immunity. I chose this for Friday because it’s a nice long read and the article has two enjoyable videos. I’ll admit that the content and production values aren’t necessarily amazing, but they’re still fun to watch and have good soundtracks. And in the first video, it’s almost worth it just for the scene where the soldier absolutely fails at killing the scout. I laughed heartily. Anyways, this article is courtesy of Cadred.org, an excellent eSports website you should definitely check out!

Check out the article here!

If you’re here just for the videos, then here you go:

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Shout Out: Team Pandemic

This Top Team Tuesday I wanted to talk about a team that has a long history of eSports gaming, has been iconic in it’s formation of the industry, but unfortunately didn’t survive the test of time and has shut down as of this year. Team Pandemic grew from a LAN team in Arkansas and went on to create a formidable professional team that competed in a variety of games. It wasn’t too long ago that I was personally watching them play in some intense Team Fortress 2 matches and I remember their name being included in all kinds of online and WCG-esque tourneys. It’s a shame they’ve gone, but their impact should not be forgotten.

Their website now sits with a saddening press release explaining their demise, but Google searches reveal that their website is still functioning in the background. Obviously it’s not being updated, but you can still view the old roster, news items, and whatnot.

It’s not exactly clear if this is the last we’ll hear of Pandemic. Their press release hints vaguely that the organization still plans on being involved with the industry, but maybe in a new form. Someday, if we’re lucky, maybe the team will be revived and Pandemic’s cry will be heard in StarCraft 3, Counter-Strike: Space Edition, and Team Fortress 7! Maybe…

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Shout Out: UberCharged.net Competitive Team Fortress 2 Guides

Hey all you TF2 fanatics out there! In case you’re new to the competitive world of Team Fortress, I wanted to mention a kick ass website with a great competitive Team Fortress 2 guide! It’s called Ubercharged.net and has a great list of TF2 players writing for it. When I was learning competitive medic and scout, this guide was a godsend at getting me started. It has some great tips and tricks, and references to YouTube videos that give you visual explanations. As usual, I’m also going to recommend supplementing your TF2 reading with plenty of demos. Watching pros play is just as vital as playing the game. L2P and GL HF lil’ nublets.

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