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Shout Out: Team Liquid StarLeague 3 – EG.IdrA vs coL.CrunCher

Got another exciting Feature Friday post with three videos from this past weekend. If you missed it, you definitely need to check these out! If you haven’t heard of the TSL3 (long name: the [PokerStrategy] TeamLiquid StarLeague 3), then you need to head over to Team Liquid’s home page and get caught up! These three games between Evil Geniuses’ infamous idrA and the relatively unknown Complexity Cruncher are sure to go down in history. The Korean curse effects everyone, and these games are no exception. I won’t spoil it, but instead end this post with :)

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HuK to Team Liquid

HuK, qualifier for IEM Season V and winner of MLG Raleigh is now part of Team Liquid, making there already solid team even stronger. The phenomenal Canadian Starcraft 2 pro, (I wonder if he trains with Jeremy) will be  moving into the Team Liquid – oGs house in Korea with several other Team Liquid players to play Starcraft full time. Read the full interview/article here. GG.

Team Liquid

This weeks Top Team Tuesday team is Team Liquid. Team Liquid is the end all of everything Starcraft. Team Liquid is not only an amazing Starcraft 2 team, but the center of the Starcraft universe when it comes to competitive Starcraft play. There website gets millions of visitors a day which is totally understandable considering the wealth of knowledge one can find there. They have extremely active forums, many pro and amateur streams, a Liquipedia page, and extensive tournament coverage.

Along with there amazing website, Team Liquids pro team is also among the best in the world. The team consists of  Jinro, Nazgul, Tyler, HayprO,  Ret and last but not least TLO. All amazing players and household names in the Starcraft community, but the one that stands out is TLO aka TheLittleOne. TLO has been one of the top players in Starcraft 2 since beta, finishing at the top of many tournaments.  One thing that makes TLO great is his very creative play style, making most of his games very, very entertaining.

Whether your a Starcraft veteran or Starcraft noob, Team Liquid’s website is definetly something you need to check out. GG

Team Liquid Webpage

TLO vs Dimaga

Altitude Team Liquid SC2 Open #1

Today marks the start of the Altitude Team Liquid Open #1, a Starcraft 2 Tournament hosted by Team Liquid and sponsored by Altitude. The tournament was an open registration format so there are many unknown players along with household names such as HuK and MorroW competing for the generous prize pool provided by Altitude. You can find more information on the tournament over at the Team Liquid Tournament Page. This tournament has the potential for some epic games, so don’t miss it. Check out the streams going on right now here (streamer’s links on the right side, under the calendar).

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