To keep the week interesting here at SR we’ve decided to have some recurring, day-related posts. The first one is called Top Team Tuesday and it’s a chance for either myself or another writer to talk about a team they are interested in. It could be a pro team, a main or amateur team, or even just a casual scrimming team in a free league. I’m especially excited about this because it directly ties into the eSport database I want to build for the website. It also will help me, and maybe even you, get a feel for who’s out there and who you might consider cheering for in various leagues.

This week I’m going to keep the post a little shorter than anticipated because I didn’t really sleep last night, what with Reach coming out, and my day today was extremely busy. So anyways, the team I chose for this week is Team Loaded. The reason I am interested in this team is because I actively followed them in the ESEA TF2 Invite league last year (Season 4). It was an exciting season with a bunch of ups and downs, with a finals match between Loaded and Evil Geniuses. From what I remember I think EG was slated to win considering their record, but Loaded swept through both Blands and GPit to take the Grand Finals. Unfortunately Loaded appears to have dropped their professional TF2 team, but still maintain a CS 1.6, WoW, MW, HoN, and Quake team. If they ever get back into TF I would definitely keep an eye on them.

If you’re interested in learning more about this team, check out their website here.