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Quick and Dirty Bunny Hop Lesson + Site Update

So I haven’t been super active on the blog here, but I’ve been releasing new YouTube videos on TSR, SJC, and perlox5. I’m probably going to keep this up for the near future + blog content here and on NotDef. I want to get into more content production, but I’m also poor and need to work to keep alive, so that severely cuts into my potential project time. But no worries, I’m a vigilant person and will continue onward.

With that being said, the most recent TSR video talked about bunny hopping in CS:GO. It’s a “quick and dirty” lesson (at least quick and dirty compared to my other uploads) and provides some insight into when to use bhop. It’s primarily a fun tool to exploit in casual servers, improve speeds and jumps in surfing, and win mini-games in mg_ maps. The biggest boost to my bhop skills was simply switching [JUMP] to [Mouse-wheel-down]. This will send many more jump commands to the server allowing you to execute jumps at the right time for a successful hop. Once you get this down (which shouldn’t take long), just start alternating between A and D, moving your mouse with your jumps. This is somewhat effective in normal servers, but only somewhat and only if you get really good at the timing and movement. Otherwise you won’t really gain much from it. I don’t really recommend trying this in matches either because it’s almost always going to be better to have your gun out and aiming or focusing on better positioning, etc. Bunny hopping will probably get you killed more often than not in a competitive match, but it’s loads of fun in other game modes so give it a try!

Quick and Dirty Civ 5 Tutorial

Occasionally I publish gaming content on my personal gaming account perlox5 and today just happened to be one of those days. My friends and I have played quite a few hours of Civ 5 but it’s always here and there weeks or months apart. And like every RTS you don’t play regularly it can be hard to get back into it right away because you have to “relearn” everything. Well I decided to hop into Civ 5 today and create a quick tutorial with all the important reminders for playing the game. This is also a good resource for new players who just got it from the Steam sale (or however) and want to improve their skills. Hopefully this will be enough for you to crush some city states and mercilessly rule over the great lands of Civilization V!

Behind The Play #6 – League of Legends Match Analysis

Last night, after a long hiatus, my friends and I sat down for a casual game of League of Legends. I recorded the match with LOL Replay and decided to do some match analysis of our amateur play, primarily to point out the mistakes we made. I find that sometimes, rather than pointing out what you’re supposed to do, it’s more effective to point out what not to do. It’s a fairly long video (as are most BTP’s), but it covers a lot of content and will hopefully get some basic understanding of LoL strategy in your head.

The lineup was as follows:

  • Veigar (mid)
  • Wukong (top)
  • Ashe (adc)
  • Xin Zhao (jungle)
  • Karma (support)


  • Zac (top)
  • Soraka (support)
  • Annie (mid)
  • Vayne (adc)
  • Amumu (jungle)

Thanks for watching and leave some feedback if you’d like to see more or have suggestions or criticisms.

Realm of the Mad God gameplay analysis and quick start tips

My friends and I were looking for a new game to play this weekend, something quick and easy to install and get into. We discovered Realm of the Mad God on Steam. It was a pretty fun way to waste a few hours and I decided to create a quick start tutorial to help new players get into the game and understand what is going on. Especially since, the first time I jumped in, I got pulled into the end-game right away and died immediately. I had no idea what had happened. Hopefully this will explain some of the basics to get you off the ground.

More game information can be found here.

Behind the Play #003, League of Legends basic strategy

This week I’ve got an extremely comprehensive League of Legends guide for new players and spectators! I literally crammed every possible aspect of beginner level play into this 1 hour and 38 minute show. This is the “uncut” version too, meaning that eventually I’d like to trim it down and perhaps even cut out certain sections to upload on their own. We’ll see though, I’ve been really busy lately. Anyhow here’s the video, hope you enjoy:

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Behind the Play #002, Quake Live basic strategy

The second episode of Behind The Play is up and this time we’ll be looking at the classic competitive FPS game Quake Live. This episode will give you a variety of lessons useful for understanding professional matches and improving your play. I also recommend watching this pro match for more details. Here is a summary of the main points:

  • Calculate your advantage
  • Learn the timings; use sound to determine pickups
  • Break the map into sections you can control
  • Have a game plan prepared prior to a match
  • You can sacrifice yourself to level the playing field
  • Beware of snowballing
  • Delay timings to gain/regain advantages
  • If disadvantaged, maintain a close gap if possible
  • Everything is a trade off, if I get X, he/she gets Y
  • What does he/she know? What does he/she know that he/she knows I know?
  • Be offensive when exploiting mistakes
  • Be defensive when ahead

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How to surf in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Over at my personal gaming channel perlox5, I published a CS:GO surfing tutorial that covers exactly what you think it would: surfing! It’s an addicting little mini-game that’s been with the Counter-Strike series for years and it’s a great way to waste hours of your life, jamming to Liquicity and smoothly gliding along the creative, and sometimes frustrating, worlds of surf. I highly recommend giving it a try.

In this particular video, I’m playing on surf_air_arena_v4, a very forgiving map that doesn’t put you in jail when you fall off the map. It also has boosters in various places to get you up to speed and plenty of ramps to land on. It also isn’t a “start-to-finish” design, so you can literally just fly around like crazy without finishing it. It’s a great map to practice on. You can download the map for yourself here, but remember to change your server variables to:

  • sv_airaccelerate 150 or sv_airaccelerate 999
  • sv_staminajumpcost 0
  • sv_staminalandcost 0

Have fun and be sure to subscribe!

Behind the Play #001, CS:GO basic strategy

I’m pleased to present the first episode of Behind The Play, a new series that focuses on basic strategy for a variety of competitive titles. I hope to release more of these for Quake Live, StarCraft 2, and League of Legends, and then eventually focus on higher level strategy. If I’m lucky I’ll even try and bring on some players and discuss specific matches and what was going on in their head.

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Shout Out: Day[9]’s Funday Monday with Liquid’Tyler (NonY) and Spanishiwa

This week Spanishiwa, a grand-master zerg player, made his debut into the Starcraft 2 spotlight by streaming some day9 Funday Monday action. It was working so well that day9 decided to hop on Skype and talk about the games. Additional guest appearances by FXOmoonan, LiquidTyler, infamous BMer combatEX, and more. Overall it’s just a good set to watch, a lot of fun, sprinkled in with some interesting conversation.

Part 1 (day9 joins around 1:34:00)

Part 2 (Spanishiwa vs Tyler around 18:30, Tyler joins Skype around 23:45)

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Shout Out: UberCharged.net Competitive Team Fortress 2 Guides

Hey all you TF2 fanatics out there! In case you’re new to the competitive world of Team Fortress, I wanted to mention a kick ass website with a great competitive Team Fortress 2 guide! It’s called Ubercharged.net and has a great list of TF2 players writing for it. When I was learning competitive medic and scout, this guide was a godsend at getting me started. It has some great tips and tricks, and references to YouTube videos that give you visual explanations. As usual, I’m also going to recommend supplementing your TF2 reading with plenty of demos. Watching pros play is just as vital as playing the game. L2P and GL HF lil’ nublets.

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