In case you missed the headlines, the WCG Grand Finals are happening today! They just started a few hours ago and we’ve already seen a few exciting matches. Evil Geniuses, a prominent US team took on Face2Face from France, and won the first match of the WCG. Two StarCraft matches followed, one between Flash and iNfeRnaL, and another between Goojila and legend. Next we saw two Warcraft matches between Lyn and Fly100%, & TED- and Happy, finally leading up to the FIFA matches happening NOW. Don’t miss this crazy gamer event, it’s only going on Sept. 30 – Oct. 3rd and then it’s over for a whole year! And just because we’re such nice guys here at Spawn Room, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated with as many helpful links as possible, whether that be stats, ladders, bootleg streams, articles, etc. <(^^,)> Here’s some to start it off:


QuadV is streaming

WCG Broadcast Schedule (on Cadred)

But before I close this article, there is one piece of bullshit I’d like to talk about. Unfortunately for most gamers, the official WCG Streams are PAY-TO-VIEW! Yes you heard me! If you want to watch the official Live coverage of the games, you’re going to have to pull out a credit card. Why? Who the fuck knows. I suppose because they see MLG do it and think they can make some bank the same way. But what they fail to realize is that MLG has a much tighter, niche group of dedicated followers that are actually willing to pay for those streams, whereas WCG is about a global gaming community, reminiscent of the Olympics! By charging a fee, they are instantly alienating thousands of gamers who may have gotten drawn into the kick ass world of eSports. It’s unfortunate.

If you want to hear another person discuss this BS in a much better, more comedic fashion, check out the latest Live On Three episode with DJ Wheat. Funny as shit.

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