The other day I was sitting around thinking about Xfire and how I used to use it, and how it compared with my test drive of Raptr awhile back. Deciding to give them each another chance I spent a few hours going through what they had to offer and how it was encouraging a more social gaming community. Long story short, I wasn’t impressed with either, and it led me to checking out my GamerDNA again. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t all that impressed here either, especially after reading this. So I decided to give an updated impression of each, here on Spawn Room, to save you the trouble of getting involved in the wrong community, if one even deems worthy of your time.


Xfire was the original. It offered something new and innovative to the growing gaming community interested in seeing where they spent their time and connecting them with useful features to other gamers.


If you don’t know, Raptr is a competing project, created by the former something of Xfire. I actually was pretty excited for this because I thought we might see a better Xfire with some more innovative ideas.


GamerDNA didn’t really bring anything new to the table and kind of just appeared out of nowhere.


It’s hard to say whether any of these communities really deserve your time and resources, but I can see a certain angle on each. For the performance gamers, looking for simplicity Xfire is your friend.