I just wanted to share the various articles and video relating to this issue since it’s being brought up here and there.

On EventHubs they published this short blurb with lots of comments to read. You should get a general idea how the FG community is reacting.

There’s a much lengthier article on shoryuken about it. Again, many comments to read. And another article from SRK.

ESFI’s article. Level | Up has published a statement.

Penny Arcade, Giant Bomb and Kotaku have articles. Ars Technica added an article.

Videos: Day 1: Sexual Harassment on Cross Assault, CROSS ASSAULT – DAY 5 – BBS HQ (1:45:00 is the argument), Cross Counter Live 120 Part 2, The Fighting Game Community takes sexual harassment very seriously UltraChenTV – Women in Competitive Gaming

It was mentioned on today’s episode of The Executives by Complexity Gaming.

I’ll update if I find more sources of info.

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