The eSports Bulletin News Broadcast #54

It is time for another episode of the eSports bulletin, this time for August 16th, 2012. Yes, that’s right, a day behind schedule. After a long day working on eSports, it was 9PM and I was still left the bulletin. Thankfully I decided not to do it because it was crazy long and would have taken me at least a couple hours! Instead I finished up what I was doing and took a well deserved CS:GO/food break. Anyways, enough babbling, here are the topics covered:

  1. Don’t forget about Gamescom
  2. An Inferno Online Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament
  3. Ranked Gaming Client South-East Asia Tournament
  4. Fighting game tournament ReveLAtions 2012
  5. Fighting game tournament D-Town Beatdown
  6. Fighting game tournament Chicago 4 Ultimate
  7. StarCraft 2 player Lim “BoxeR” Yo-Hwan retires, becomes coach for SK Telecom T1
  8. Dominion Method Gaming acquire Mortal Kombat player Emmanuel “CD jr.” Brito
  9. Braxton “swag” Pierce disqualifies The Flaming Rainbows from ESWC LAN finals
  10. Source team HastaLaVista moves to CS:GO
  11. mousesports transition to GO
  12. Dota 2 team Mineski replace LGD in Razer Mini Madness
  13. Infused release SC2 players Ionita “DaZe” Alexandru and Chloe “Moomin” Chippendale
  14. Dota 2 patch
  15. Valve OKs 50 community items for Dota 2
  16. Riot announces Syndra, the Dark Sovereign after Rengar, the Pridestalker
  17. Valve announces Dota 2 documentary
  18. Blizzard sending beta invites for Heart of the Swarm soon
  19. Greg “WhatIsHip” Laird of GosuGamers launches “The Dota Daily”
  20. EVO 2012 and FGC featured on AT&T U-verse
  21. J3di, from zBlock, releases client settings for GO
  22. Definitive eSports and Robert “Pughy” Pugh relaunch Chobu2Gosu
  23. Plague Fest launching with CS:GO

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