Blizzard’s annual convention “Blizzcon” is fast approaching with its set date on October 22nd and 23rd 2010!  Blizz posted sign-ups for the multiple contests that take place during Blizzcon such as the costume contest, the fan art/original song/ movie contest, and the expired SC2 custom map contest.  I can’t wait for this event to start and I am hoping for a live feed again like they did last year. The tickets for the actual event are, of course, sold out. :( However, you can still purchase a virtual ticket online and get complete coverage of the event.

Also as a side note, I want a release date lol or some sort of awesome WoW  Cataclysm expansion news at Blizzcon… I am foaming at the lips in anticipation for Cataclysm and I really want to hear some news on it, as most of the WoW junkies probably feel as well.

Cheers,   Jalmari

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