Tomorrow begins another action packed MLG weekend and I wanted to give you a nice pre-MLG warm-up package to begin with tonight and tomorrow before the fun begins. Especially for us poor nubs who are stuck behind and can’t attend the event live (a tear is trickling down my cheek as I write this). First off let’s cover all the event details to make sure we’re all on the same page.

What: MLG Dallas 2011, the first pro circuit of the 2011 season.

When: April 1-3, starting Friday at 5:15 PM CST

Where: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, United States.

Spectating: In-person with spectator pass or Live streams on MLG.

MLG Dallas will be kicking off this 2011 season with exciting matches in Starcraft 2, Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. All three games are scheduled to be played everyday of the tournament, with the finals falling on Sunday the 3rd. Commentating the matches all weekend will be some bright and shining faces you’ll recognize from other eSport events. For Starcraft 2, there’ll be day9, djWheat, and JP McDaniel. Halo will have Chris Puckett, Gandhi and Shockwave. And Black ops will be commentated by Corey Dunn, Derek Drake, and Sean Bellafiore.

So you’re probably eager to find out who is showing up this weekend, well look no further, here are the player lists published by MLG:

Halo: Reach

Starcraft 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

If you’re like me and in love with Twitter, Facebook, and the social networking craze, here are some key MLG accounts you can look into following:


Major League Gaming (MLG) – Official MLG Twitter

Sundance DiGiovanni (MLG_Sundance) – CEO of Major League Gaming

Chris Puckett (MLGPuckett) – Producer and On Air Talent for MLG

Andreas Pierson (NexyMLG) – Video Director/Producer for MLG

Luis Carrillo (MLG_Scoreboard) – Not officially connected to MLG, but useful for following MLG

Spawn Room Twitter Lists – You can find all kinds of people, leagues, and organizations to follow by checking out our Twitter lists. Updated constantly!


Major League Gaming – Official MLG Facebook

YouTube, uStream, and Features

MLG / Astro Gaming Dallas 2011 Promo

MLG Sundance’s Pre-Event Tour #1

MLG Sundance’s Pre-Event Tour #2

Hotel Room Tour by Complexity Gaming

Finally I wanted to mention something minor that will help the people at home keep up with everything going on this weekend. First off, Twitter is your friend. You can get all kinds of news and inside information the moment it’s happening by following the right people. Check out Spawn Room’s Twitter lists to find some great people and organizations to follow. You can also use applications like TweetDeck to keep constantly updated all day long, or if you don’t feel like installing anything, Google has a nifty feature called “Realtime Search“. Navigate over there and type in “MLG Dallas” to see what’s happening!

Finally I want to say: have an awesome weekend! It’s going to be a blast start to finish, don’t miss out!

And remember, as always, if I’m missing anything, simply reply @SpawnRoom on Twitter, post in the comments here, or shout out on Facebook and I’ll be sure to investigate! Thanks.

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