Akheel (Alliance) is currently looking for some people interested in doing some intimate late night raids scheduled Tuesday and Thursday, 8pm-12am CST. We’ll also undoubtedly continue our raids more casually later in the week and on the weekend if availability permits.

The guild currently consists of 5 close friends interested in raiding on a schedule and a few more interested in being casually available if people don’t show. We’re looking for at least 5 more interested raiders that want to raid with some close friends in a fun atmosphere. We’re not looking to kill each other with strict rules, but we do want people to adhere to the schedule and focused on progression.

We also enjoy PvP and have plans to do rated Battlegrounds, and form Arena teams.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining our guild, post a response here or PM me in game. You can also contact Vens or Tikos if I’m not available. On a final note, our guild consists of 20+ year old members, and we’re looking to keep it that way. However, if you consider yourself a mature, younger gamer, feel free to contact us.

Classes we currently have: druid (resto), paladin (tank), shaman (dps), druid (dps), and mage (dps).

This post has gone up in a couple places. Akheel, our alliance guild on Azgalor, is looking for some new members. If you’re at all interested feel free to contact us! Oh, and I’m planning on adding forums here soon!