Welcome to the new Spawn Room website! I’ve spent the last few weeks redesigning and recoding everything to make it simpler, more accessible, and purpose driven. Before version 0.3.0 the website was designed to handle a wide variety of different features and ideas, but I realized it was too confusing. I had trouble explaining to people exactly what we did here.

So after sitting down and thinking about it, I decided to attack this project at a new angle. Rather than merging all my ideas into one site, I want to create an eSports Network that handles multiple websites under one user account. If you’re familiar with the Stack Exchange (with sites like Stack Overflow), you’ll be familiar with what I’m doing here.

This website specifically will focus on eSports data. The front page is now a search engine for finding players, teams, events, etc. Within these pages we track various stats, allow users to rate and comment, and if you own the page or earn the priviledges, can help submit and modify data. Think of this as the IMDB for eSports!

As with all updates on The Spawn Room, it is important to remember that bugs may exist. Since I code this project alone, I can only discover so much on my own. If anything looks or acts broken, it probably is. Please notify me via email, Facebook, or Twitter and I’ll take a look. If something looks funny, this is probably the CSS acting weird. You can usually solve those issues simply by refreshing the page (F5 on your keyboard). Again, if that doesn’t fix it, or breaks it even worse, shoot me a message.

Finally, I wanted to mention that some features, that existed in the previous versions, have been removed either temporarily or permanently. I will be analyzing each of them over the next few weeks to determine if they belong on this site or somewhere else. Please be patient as I continue to roll features and fixes out. I’ll try to get everything up to snuff as quickly as possible.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and feel free to share any feedback, suggestions, or criticism whenever you can! I’ll be listening. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’m currently working on SQL optimization to try and get queries running faster. But I’m also limited by my web host so…yeah. Eventually I want to move to dedicated hosting which will greatly increase the sites performance!