So yeah, version 0.2.2 turned out to be a little bit bigger than anticipated. The visuals have been altered, the entire backend has been torn apart and then reassembled, and the conceptual model of what we’re doing here has been updated.

One unfortunate result of this update has been the loss of the previous posts, views, comments, and ratings. Actually I shouldn’t say loss since the DB is still intact and will remain backed up, but rather, I wasn’t able or willing to convert all the records. It would have been a huge headache. In the future I might do something with them though.

User accounts have been transfered over though! So logins will still work all fine and dandy.

You’ll also notice this is a “preview” release right now. The reason being that I changed so much that some minor features have been removed, some things might be broken, and there is undoubtedly a handful of bugs lying in wait.

I’ll give an update when everything is rolled out 100%. Until then, thanks for reading and see you around!