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Behind the Play #002, Quake Live basic strategy

The second episode of Behind The Play is up and this time we’ll be looking at the classic competitive FPS game Quake Live. This episode will give you a variety of lessons useful for understanding professional matches and improving your play. I also recommend watching this pro match for more details. Here is a summary of the main points:

  • Calculate your advantage
  • Learn the timings; use sound to determine pickups
  • Break the map into sections you can control
  • Have a game plan prepared prior to a match
  • You can sacrifice yourself to level the playing field
  • Beware of snowballing
  • Delay timings to gain/regain advantages
  • If disadvantaged, maintain a close gap if possible
  • Everything is a trade off, if I get X, he/she gets Y
  • What does he/she know? What does he/she know that he/she knows I know?
  • Be offensive when exploiting mistakes
  • Be defensive when ahead

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The Problem with Competitive FPS

Today I published a new eSports opinionated piece called “The Problem with Competitive FPS”. Within, I talk about some problems plaguing the dying competitive FPS scene like a lack of developer support, a poor spectator experience, a lack of novel complexity (or whatever you want to call it, refer to paragraph below), a high required level of strategic knowledge, volatile communities, and a lack of unifying support. All these come together in a perfect storm of total destruction that is killing the once fruitful and exciting genre of FPS eSports.

I also forgot to mention the idea of the “illusion of strategic knowledge” that MOBA/RTS games give viewers. By focusing on resources, player movements, and other interface related details people may have the illusion that they understand what’s going on, but actually don’t and wouldn’t be able to answer the tough “why” questions.

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eSports Mini-Lecture: Kickstarter, FPS scene, DayZ, and Shout Outs

Now that the eSports bulletin is well underway, and I have a smooth method for producing them, it is time for the next step in my master plan of eSports awesomeness! This new show is a chance for me to talk about things I find interesting and share my personal opinions. I’m going to try and keep things interesting by talking about drama, rumors, controversies, exciting announcements and things of that nature. I’ll also preface topics with a history of what happened, why it’s important, and then delve into my actual thoughts. I’m also considering bringing on guests if the topic warrants it, although I’m not sure about being a host (the pressure *shudders in horror*).

In the pilot episode that’s embedded below, I talk about the recent Kickstarter controversies, conflicts within the FPS scene, and assholes in DayZ. I also close with some shoutouts to my favorite eSports websites.

Lastly, be sure to check back here for the latest episodes of this show and the eSports bulletin! I’ll also have summaries of what’s covered, share relevant links, and even publish full articles detailing specific topics. That way if someone prefers reading or wants something to reference, there’ll be a nice articulated version as well.

Oh and the title of the show is still undecided. For now it’s the eSports VLOG, but I don’t like that…any ideas?

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Shout Out: cArn´s Theory of Counter-Strike

It’s Friday which means it’s time to post some awesome videos of games, gamers, and eSports! We’re going to start off today with two videos entitled cArn´s Theory of Counter-Strike. These two feature cArn from Team FNATIC talking about the fine details of competitive Counter-Strike. They’re great videos and each are about 30 minutes long so you’ll get a large helping of raw CS information. It’ll leave a good taste in your mouth. Enjoy!

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Shout Out: Team Pandemic

This Top Team Tuesday I wanted to talk about a team that has a long history of eSports gaming, has been iconic in it’s formation of the industry, but unfortunately didn’t survive the test of time and has shut down as of this year. Team Pandemic grew from a LAN team in Arkansas and went on to create a formidable professional team that competed in a variety of games. It wasn’t too long ago that I was personally watching them play in some intense Team Fortress 2 matches and I remember their name being included in all kinds of online and WCG-esque tourneys. It’s a shame they’ve gone, but their impact should not be forgotten.

Their website now sits with a saddening press release explaining their demise, but Google searches reveal that their website is still functioning in the background. Obviously it’s not being updated, but you can still view the old roster, news items, and whatnot.

It’s not exactly clear if this is the last we’ll hear of Pandemic. Their press release hints vaguely that the organization still plans on being involved with the industry, but maybe in a new form. Someday, if we’re lucky, maybe the team will be revived and Pandemic’s cry will be heard in StarCraft 3, Counter-Strike: Space Edition, and Team Fortress 7! Maybe…

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Why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sucks

For all you nubs out there who are still playing this broken, worthless game, here is an excellent summation of it’s gheyness: Link. Switching to almost any other FPS would be an improvement, not to mention most others actually have a ballin’ competitive scene; do it now!

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