Now that the eSports bulletin is well underway, and I have a smooth method for producing them, it is time for the next step in my master plan of eSports awesomeness! This new show is a chance for me to talk about things I find interesting and share my personal opinions. I’m going to try and keep things interesting by talking about drama, rumors, controversies, exciting announcements and things of that nature. I’ll also preface topics with a history of what happened, why it’s important, and then delve into my actual thoughts. I’m also considering bringing on guests if the topic warrants it, although I’m not sure about being a host (the pressure *shudders in horror*).

In the pilot episode that’s embedded below, I talk about the recent Kickstarter controversies, conflicts within the FPS scene, and assholes in DayZ. I also close with some shoutouts to my favorite eSports websites.

Lastly, be sure to check back here for the latest episodes of this show and the eSports bulletin! I’ll also have summaries of what’s covered, share relevant links, and even publish full articles detailing specific topics. That way if someone prefers reading or wants something to reference, there’ll be a nice articulated version as well.

Oh and the title of the show is still undecided. For now it’s the eSports VLOG, but I don’t like that…any ideas?

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