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Weekly eSports Forecast June 13 – 19

Well it’s time to get back into it. The weekly eSports Forecast has been on hiatus for a short while, but I’m back and ready to provide you with the critical eSports events you should be paying attention to. Remember, if there’s anything I miss, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Major Events

Dreamhack Summer 2011 (#DHS11) – Well it’s finally here, the “world’s largest digital festival” is going to kick off on Saturday the 18th of June and run till Tuesday the 21st. It should be an exciting time and we’ll undoubtedly see some crazy gameplay from a vartiety of games, but the biggest tournament is by far the DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship for Starcraft 2, featuring some of the world’s best players. Definitely check this out!

North American Star League (#NASL) – The NASL continues this Tuesday with a series of tiebreaker matches to determine seeding for the finals in July.

Evil Geniuses Master Cup Season V (#EGMC) – This week we get some more exciting SC2 matches from the EG Master Cup.

GSL Super Tournament (#GSL) – The GSL Super Tournament continues on this week. Finals information.

FXOpen Invitational Series #4 (#FXOPEN) – Team FXO is hosting a $5000 prize pool tournament for some of the world’s best players. This week the North American qualifiers are on Saturday June 18th.

Minor Events

GeForce Starcraft II Pro/Am Tournament – This week concludes the registration period for the GeForce Pro/Am tournament. Hurry and sign up before Thursday June 16th!

Play with FNATIC.CS – This Wednesday FNATIC’s CS 1.6 team will be taking a short break from their DHS bootcamp training to play with the community. Check out the link for the details!

DreamHack: Stockholm Invitational 2011 – Coverage

The Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational is complete and as usual I wanted to bring you a comprehensive resource for getting all the updates, videos, and pictures you need. This seems like it’s getting old now, but as always, I will update with the bolded “NEW:” text as I come across other cool resources. Oh and I wanted to mention that the State of the Game crew spoke very highly of these matches and the production values of Dreamhack, so don’t miss this!

Results and Brackets

Videos and Streams

Pictures and Image Galleries

Other Interesting Links and Articles

A heart warming story about Jinro returning to Sweden for the Invitational and receiving a supportive welcome home. Here’s the Team Liquid English summary.

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The Weekly eSports Forecast: April 11-17, 2011

Here is the weekly eSports Forecast for the week of April 11th, 2011. Updates will be added as I find them.

North American Star League (SC2) – It’s finally here! This Tuesday begins the exciting new North American Star League! Remember to check out the season pass which gives you access to 1080p coverage, 24/7 VODs, and zero-commercial interruption. Let the games begin!

Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational (SC2) – This Tuesday, the 12th of April, the team at Dreamhack will have the 8 invited Starcraft 2 players beat it out for a 100k SEK prize pool and wildcards for the Dreamhack event this summer. Additional information here and some sweet photos here.

The Gadget Show Live (SC2) – This year the “ultimate” consumer electronics event in the UK is hosting a Starcraft 2 tournament. Doors open on Wednesday, but the tournament itself seems to have already begun with the finals being aired live in front of an audience on Saturday and Sunday! Tournament information here.

QQ ninja Reddit HoN Open – A week long tournament for HoN players under 1850 MMR and PSR on ALL of their accounts, will take place from April 11th-17th. Don’t forget to check out the results later this week.

Nation Voice ET Challenge – Tonight, the 11th, we’ll see an exciting Enemy Territory tournament hosted by Nation Voice and Team Decerto.

NEW: Crossfire 3-on-3 Nations Cup Grand Final – Tonight, April 12th, two teams battle it out for the Nations Cup Grand Final in Enemy Territory.

NEW: Official Launch of the RGC Asian DotA League – This Friday, the 15th, a new asian DotA league is set to launch. Note, the official site doesn’t specify a date, but GosuGamer’s apparently has the inside scoop.

NEW: ClanBase Spring 2011 Cup Season contiues – The Spring Season continues on with the first matches of the EuroCup.

NEW: Meo XLPARTY Festival – Starting Friday and running through the weekend, Portugal will be the host of a large technology conference featuring a ton of different tournaments. Looks like the games covered will be Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 4, Starcraft 2, Halo: Reach, Forza, Trackmania, Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty: Black Ops, League of Legends, PES 2011, Guitar Hero 5, Tekken 6, and Bomberman. What a mouthful, should be an interesting weekend. Additional information here. Twitter here.

NEW: CEVO Counter-Strike: Source Season 12 Professional Placement Tournament – This week begins the Counter-Strike: Source professional placement tournament.

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