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Koreans in the North American Star League

So recently I watched this interview of ROOTCatZ of ROOT Gaming about homegrown esports with AskJoshy, and it really got me thinking about the future of esports as a whole and how to nurture the growing community.  I thought that CatZ had many great points and lots of insight into the current state and future of esports.

The first thing he brought up that I really believe as well is allowing Koreans into North American events.  Although the gap in skill between Koreans and foreigners in SC2 has definitely tightened, there is still a wide belief that Korean players have the edge on most foreigners. CatZ stated that he didn’t think that Koreans should be allowed in events such as the North American Star League (NASL) as it doesn’t encourage North American players to pursue a high amount of success in the event, and also doesn’t promote SC2 at a regional level.

To better explain CatZ point on why this would be, I would like to use basketball as an example.  It’s a fact that North American and the US specifically has the largest amount and highest skilled basketball players in the world. That’s not to say, that other countries don’t have highly skilled basketball players, but as compared to the US other countries have a lower overall skill level in general. This is because the US has the largest community for basketball as well as a large amount of money funneling into the sport. Because of the large community and money coming into the sport, it’s obvious that there will be a large amount of skilled based around US basketball.

When you go outside the US to other countries trying to promote basketball within there own country, relative to the US, your going to have a smaller following because of a lower skill level and of less money coming in. Despite these set backs, many countries have a blossoming basketball community and much more money beginning to come into there leagues. Just think then of how players of other countries feel when they have this soon to be booming sport there playing and players from US start to compete in their leagues when they know that, even though they are very talented, the US players have an edge on them, because they are from the US. Because of this many basketball leagues outside the US have actually implemented rules only allowing a certain number of non-citizens on there teams, such as Australia. In the National Basketball League, each team is only allowed two non-Australians. This to ensure that Australians will not be overshadowed by the US players, but also allow Australians to capitalize on the new money flowing into there sport.

Now that I have gone on forever about basketball, lets relate this to SC2 and what CatZ was saying. Basically, Korea is the US of basketball. They have a huge community and a large amount of money based around SC. Therefore in how non-US basketball players are not excited to see US players in their leagues, non-Korean SC2 players wouldn’t be happy to see Korean players in their leagues. This is not to say that there should never be tournaments with people from many countries, but when you are trying to nurture a blooming sport, you must be able to promote it regionally first, and not discourage the up and coming players.

Although NASL might not want to fulfill this role of promoting SC2 strictly within North America, and remain a global league we still have hope. As AskJoshy stated in the interview, it seems that MLG might be able to pick up that role and be almost all North American players. Also, with their open bracket format, it allows for up and coming players to compete and try to make a name for themselves.

Hopefully, the presence of Koreans within the foreigner leagues will not overshadow the great talent outside of Korea, and not pull prize money away from the foreigners and back into Korea where they already have a large amount of SC funding and a booming SC community.

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The Weekly eSports Forecast: April 11-17, 2011

Here is the weekly eSports Forecast for the week of April 11th, 2011. Updates will be added as I find them.

North American Star League (SC2) – It’s finally here! This Tuesday begins the exciting new North American Star League! Remember to check out the season pass which gives you access to 1080p coverage, 24/7 VODs, and zero-commercial interruption. Let the games begin!

Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational (SC2) – This Tuesday, the 12th of April, the team at Dreamhack will have the 8 invited Starcraft 2 players beat it out for a 100k SEK prize pool and wildcards for the Dreamhack event this summer. Additional information here and some sweet photos here.

The Gadget Show Live (SC2) – This year the “ultimate” consumer electronics event in the UK is hosting a Starcraft 2 tournament. Doors open on Wednesday, but the tournament itself seems to have already begun with the finals being aired live in front of an audience on Saturday and Sunday! Tournament information here.

QQ ninja Reddit HoN Open – A week long tournament for HoN players under 1850 MMR and PSR on ALL of their accounts, will take place from April 11th-17th. Don’t forget to check out the results later this week.

Nation Voice ET Challenge – Tonight, the 11th, we’ll see an exciting Enemy Territory tournament hosted by Nation Voice and Team Decerto.

NEW: Crossfire 3-on-3 Nations Cup Grand Final – Tonight, April 12th, two teams battle it out for the Nations Cup Grand Final in Enemy Territory.

NEW: Official Launch of the RGC Asian DotA League – This Friday, the 15th, a new asian DotA league is set to launch. Note, the official site doesn’t specify a date, but GosuGamer’s apparently has the inside scoop.

NEW: ClanBase Spring 2011 Cup Season contiues – The Spring Season continues on with the first matches of the EuroCup.

NEW: Meo XLPARTY Festival – Starting Friday and running through the weekend, Portugal will be the host of a large technology conference featuring a ton of different tournaments. Looks like the games covered will be Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 4, Starcraft 2, Halo: Reach, Forza, Trackmania, Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty: Black Ops, League of Legends, PES 2011, Guitar Hero 5, Tekken 6, and Bomberman. What a mouthful, should be an interesting weekend. Additional information here. Twitter here.

NEW: CEVO Counter-Strike: Source Season 12 Professional Placement Tournament – This week begins the Counter-Strike: Source professional placement tournament.

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North American Star League (NASL) Announcement

This is big news, so big I came out of hibernation, just to post this. If you’ve followed competitive Starcraft 2 at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the GSL. You know, that massive Korean tournament that everyone’s always talking about? Well some bright minds and motivated individuals decided the states needs their own SC2 league of that caliber and created the NASL, or North American Star League! This tournament is huge, the prize pot is $400,000 split between 3, roughly 13-week seasons. It starts April 5th, and will feature games 5 nights a week, for three hours. You know what that means, tons and tons of live SC2 matches to get your fill of!

Now the details are still being hashed out at this point, but you can head over to their main site here and watch an epic video about it. You can also cast 10 votes for the 50 players lucky enough to be drafted into this league. So do your research and pick your favorite guys!

Finally I wanted to offer a link to a comprehensive interview about this league, courtesy of G4 and Geoff ‘iNcontrol’ Robinson: G4 exclusive interview

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