This is big news, so big I came out of hibernation, just to post this. If you’ve followed competitive Starcraft 2 at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the GSL. You know, that massive Korean tournament that everyone’s always talking about? Well some bright minds and motivated individuals decided the states needs their own SC2 league of that caliber and created the NASL, or North American Star League! This tournament is huge, the prize pot is $400,000 split between 3, roughly 13-week seasons. It starts April 5th, and will feature games 5 nights a week, for three hours. You know what that means, tons and tons of live SC2 matches to get your fill of!

Now the details are still being hashed out at this point, but you can head over to their main site here and watch an epic video about it. You can also cast 10 votes for the 50 players lucky enough to be drafted into this league. So do your research and pick your favorite guys!

Finally I wanted to offer a link to a comprehensive interview about this league, courtesy of G4 and Geoff ‘iNcontrol’ Robinson: G4 exclusive interview

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