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Shout Out: Heartland eSports


Back in 2011 I was publishing posts under categories for teams, websites, and videos. They were known as Top Team Tuesday, Website Wednesday, and Feature Friday. Now that I’ve relaunched the blog and revamped its mission, I decided to do away with the corny titles, and simply publish “features“. These articles focus on single topics like a player, team, website, or podcast, and [hopefully] deliver relevant information about them. I plan on publishing these articles because I also want to share them in the eSports database.

For this first feature I want to cover a non-profit organization located in the Midwest. I discovered them last week via Reddit and decided they’d be perfect for the first feature of 2012. Here is a snippet from their about page:

“We are a volunteer-run, non-profit corporation based in Lincoln, Nebraska organized and operated by representatives of participating gaming communities throughout the Midwest who have joined together in HeSA to promote collaboration towards a single goal: promoting the growth of amateur and professional competitive gaming in the Midwest.” Source

Heartland eSports incorporated on August 4, 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska as the Nebraska eSports Association (NeSPA). Their website, NebraskaEsports.org became a hub for promoting and hosting local tournaments, and educating people about competitive gaming. On May 21, 2012, it was announced that NeSPA would become part of the Heartland eSports Association, the newest vision to unite various gaming communities under a single banner. Soon other organizations like Kansas StarCraft, TP eSports, Razorback Gaming, Iowa Gamers Online, and the UNL Electronic Gaming Club would join forces to better support one another and spread the word about their tournaments and events.

So for fellow eSports enthusiasts living in the Midwest or those that like to support grassroots efforts, be sure to check out Heartland eSports (HeSA) and all the great work they’re doing!

Website: http://heartlandesports.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HL_eSports

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartlandesports

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Shout Out: Teh Pwn Gaming

Here comes another intermittent Website Wednesday post. This time we’ll be looking at the Teh Pwn Gaming Club, a student organization hosted on the University of Minnesota campus. You may recall them from a previous article I wrote covering their epic Starcraft 2 tournament. Well it seems only appropriate now that I write up one of these mini-articles since we recently began exchanging links. If you navigate your way over to the Friends, Partners, and Sponsors page on the right, you’ll find their link and a little description about them. Check it out!

Now for a quick history lesson. ;) Teh Pwn Gaming was founded May 3rd, 2010 by Evva Kraikul and Nicolaas Vanmeerten. Since its inception, the club has hosted a variety of successful events with games like Starcraft 2, Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Often times with kick ass swag and prizes for the tournament winners! But their gaming isn’t limited to just modern platforms, they also encourage gamers to hook up and play on consoles as old as the original Nintendo! So no matter what kind of gamer you are, TPG will surely fit your needs. And if that’s not enough of a reason for you to join, maybe taking a peak at their sponsors page will change your mind. Teh Pwn Gaming has managed to tie in some major deals with NOS Energy, Microsoft, Major League Gaming and more! Very impressive indeed. So hurry and take a look at their meeting information, get connected, and plan for some of their upcoming events! (Plus maybe we’ll be lucky enough to bump into each other at their next big event!).

You can also connect with Teh Pwn Gaming on Facebook and Twitter. Cheers!

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Shout Out: Day[9]’s Funday Monday with Liquid’Tyler (NonY) and Spanishiwa

This week Spanishiwa, a grand-master zerg player, made his debut into the Starcraft 2 spotlight by streaming some day9 Funday Monday action. It was working so well that day9 decided to hop on Skype and talk about the games. Additional guest appearances by FXOmoonan, LiquidTyler, infamous BMer combatEX, and more. Overall it’s just a good set to watch, a lot of fun, sprinkled in with some interesting conversation.

Part 1 (day9 joins around 1:34:00)

Part 2 (Spanishiwa vs Tyler around 18:30, Tyler joins Skype around 23:45)

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Shout Out: Challonge

Challonge Banner

It’s not Wednesday, it’s Thursday! But I’m sending this post out anyways because I was in the computer lab working on my capstone project for 6 hours last night! Super lame because not only did I miss the opportunity to post this, I also missed NASL and catching up on some other exciting eSports news. :(

Anyways, ranting aside, I wanted to talk about a website I found this last weekend while I was attending the TCO Starcraft 2 event. I had never heard of Challonge prior, but after taking a look I could see some major potential in the services they offer. Challonge offers users free setup of tournament brackets using single or double elimination, round robin, or the Swiss-system. It’s an easy process and a great resource for small, mid-sized, and even large events. They also offer the option to setup brackets on your own site but run the service through them for free or a very low cost (if you want the premium features). This way you can still keep people on your site and leave the bracket back-end up to them. Not a bad idea! They also offer an API for developers looking to build upon the pre-existing system, which is just a nice, friendly thing to do. :)

So go take a peak and consider using the Challonge system for your next LAN event. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.


Shout Out: A Beast In Sheep’s Clothing

I’m always excited to read about Team Fortress 2, having played so many hours of it, so this Friday I’m bringing you, not only a video, but an article to accompany it. It’s an interview with sheep from Team Immunity. I chose this for Friday because it’s a nice long read and the article has two enjoyable videos. I’ll admit that the content and production values aren’t necessarily amazing, but they’re still fun to watch and have good soundtracks. And in the first video, it’s almost worth it just for the scene where the soldier absolutely fails at killing the scout. I laughed heartily. Anyways, this article is courtesy of Cadred.org, an excellent eSports website you should definitely check out!

Check out the article here!

If you’re here just for the videos, then here you go:

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Shout Out: QQninja & WellPlayed

Well, technically it’s not Wednesday anymore, but what with real life being all busy, me napping for awhile and getting in a couple Starcraft 2 games, I just didn’t have the time to write this up until now. Oh well I’ll make it up to you by posting not one, but two websites I want you to check out this week! Yes, I said it, two whole websites.

Oh and both of these sites are extremely new. They’ve literally been up and running for less than a week (as far as I’m aware anyways). Exciting :)

QQninja | Twitter

The first is QQninja, a site designed to help Starcraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth players find practice partners, get advice, and “learn the ways of the QQ ninja,” whatever that means. Basically it’s a simple forum based website that allows people to register and post requests for partners, advice, etc. This is interesting because you’re probably thinking, how is this any different than all the other websites out there with large, preexisting forum communities? Well really it’s not any different, except that the content is targeted to serve a specific purpose. I think as long as they keep things clean and “not-forumy” looking, this could be a successful resource for players. Simple, meaningful results. It could work.

WellPlayed Logo

WellPlayed | Twitter

Next is WellPlayed.org, a site I keep screwing up the name of. I’m so used to typing the word “player” I keep putting that every time I try to get to their site. Derp. Anyways, WellPlayed is an exciting venture that hopes to accomplish a lot of admiral goals. Things like promoting eSports, bridging new players with the existing communities, offering meaningful, relevant content, and much more. The site looks pretty, and I think it has some major potential. I also think it basically cannot fail because it’s partnered with NASL and IGN Pro League. So ladies and gentlemen, WellPlayed will undoubtedly be here to stay. At least until Starcraft 2 dies. Oops, I shouldn’t even say that.

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Shout Out: Team Liquid StarLeague 3 – EG.IdrA vs coL.CrunCher

Got another exciting Feature Friday post with three videos from this past weekend. If you missed it, you definitely need to check these out! If you haven’t heard of the TSL3 (long name: the [PokerStrategy] TeamLiquid StarLeague 3), then you need to head over to Team Liquid’s home page and get caught up! These three games between Evil Geniuses’ infamous idrA and the relatively unknown Complexity Cruncher are sure to go down in history. The Korean curse effects everyone, and these games are no exception. I won’t spoil it, but instead end this post with :)

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Shout Out: cArn´s Theory of Counter-Strike

It’s Friday which means it’s time to post some awesome videos of games, gamers, and eSports! We’re going to start off today with two videos entitled cArn´s Theory of Counter-Strike. These two feature cArn from Team FNATIC talking about the fine details of competitive Counter-Strike. They’re great videos and each are about 30 minutes long so you’ll get a large helping of raw CS information. It’ll leave a good taste in your mouth. Enjoy!

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Shout Out: QuadV and the UGC

This Wednesday I wanted to bring up a website that’s in the process of returning from a hiatus to broadcast the exciting events happening in Italy. Starting tomorrow, the folks of QuadV will be traveling to the Ultimate Gaming Championship in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy and broadcasting the matches. If you happen to be attending or watching the UGC matches, you’ll get a chance to see QuadV commentators Stuart “TosspoT” Saw and Leight “Deman” Smith.

QuadV Logo

QuadV is an eSports broadcasting website that’s been featured prominently within the industry hosting live matches and supplying video-on-demand. They’ve covered various tournaments, some as large as WCG. In 2010 the site went quiet as it covered less and less content, and it wasn’t until very recently they announced their return with the UGC as a headline. It’s very exciting times here, and QuadV returning in the midst of it is the topping on this giant eSports cake we’ve been enjoying lately.

So go show your support by checking out the site and watching the great broadcasts starting tomorrow!

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Shout Out: Reddit vs. D2JSP Grudge Match

I have a series of videos for you guys this Feature Friday. Recently Reddit and D2JSP had a little grudge match a few nights ago.  Even though there aren’t any big name players in the matches, the games ended up being quite awesome. My favorite caster Psystarcraft was on the Reddit team and just stomped the entire D2JSP team, causing a little controversy in the D2JSP community. Check out the games below. GG

Psy vs Myke

Psy vs Minigun

Psy vs Fayth

Psy vs Kiom

Psy vs Rick

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