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Well, technically it’s not Wednesday anymore, but what with real life being all busy, me napping for awhile and getting in a couple Starcraft 2 games, I just didn’t have the time to write this up until now. Oh well I’ll make it up to you by posting not one, but two websites I want you to check out this week! Yes, I said it, two whole websites.

Oh and both of these sites are extremely new. They’ve literally been up and running for less than a week (as far as I’m aware anyways). Exciting :)

QQninja | Twitter

The first is QQninja, a site designed to help Starcraft 2 and Heroes of Newerth players find practice partners, get advice, and “learn the ways of the QQ ninja,” whatever that means. Basically it’s a simple forum based website that allows people to register and post requests for partners, advice, etc. This is interesting because you’re probably thinking, how is this any different than all the other websites out there with large, preexisting forum communities? Well really it’s not any different, except that the content is targeted to serve a specific purpose. I think as long as they keep things clean and “not-forumy” looking, this could be a successful resource for players. Simple, meaningful results. It could work.

WellPlayed Logo

WellPlayed | Twitter

Next is, a site I keep screwing up the name of. I’m so used to typing the word “player” I keep putting that every time I try to get to their site. Derp. Anyways, WellPlayed is an exciting venture that hopes to accomplish a lot of admiral goals. Things like promoting eSports, bridging new players with the existing communities, offering meaningful, relevant content, and much more. The site looks pretty, and I think it has some major potential. I also think it basically cannot fail because it’s partnered with NASL and IGN Pro League. So ladies and gentlemen, WellPlayed will undoubtedly be here to stay. At least until Starcraft 2 dies. Oops, I shouldn’t even say that.

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  1. This is really awesome! Thank you for mentioning! We just launched a few days ago so seeing posts like this really makes our day.

    We totally agree that QQ needs to stay simple, clean and single focused. We will let amazing sites like WellPlayed (shoutout to /r/starcraft) handle the complex business to tournaments and large scale community management. We just want to provide a quick and simple way for people to be able to find gaming partners.

    Again, thanks for finding us. It’s super awesome to see!

  2. No problem, glad you liked it. GL with everything! :)

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