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Weekly eSports Forecast April 25 – May 1

Here is the weekly eSports Forecast for the week of April 25th, 2011. Updates will be added as I find them.

North American Star League (SC2) – NASL continues this week starting Wednesday. There has been some great games the past two weeks and I am sure there are more to come as the season 1 gets into full swing.

IGN Pro League (SC2) – The IGN pro league season 1 finale is this coming weekend, starting on Thursday. I was extremely impressed by the production quality IGN had to offer last week and can’t wait for this weeks games to start. Should see some amazing and close games for the finals.

SK Gaming – Champions Trophy (SC2) – The SK Gaming – Champions Trophy SC2 tournament for this month will be starting today for Asia and Europe and later this week for North America. I do not know much about this tourney, but with all the big name players listed I am sure it will produce some amazing games.

Rakka Logitech Starcraft 2 Tournament (SC2) – Top Swedish players such as Naniwa, Morrow and Thorzain will be competing to live in Korea in the GSL house for a month. Sweden has some of the best players in Europe, should be some pretty exciting games. Event is underway and continues this Wednesday, April 25th.


Team Liquid Attack! (SC2) – With a break in the TSL action, Team Liquid is offering a chance to play some 3v3 with your favorite TSL commentators and players, Chill, djWHEAT, and TLO!  Event is Saturday, April 30th. Check out the link to see exactly how you can get an opportunity to get some games in with TSL crew.

WCG Online Qualifiers – The 2011 World Cyber Games online qualifiers start this week and extend well into May, June, and July. Got the skill? Check out the link for registration. Additional info at HLTV.

TF2 Season 7 Out-of-Week Matches (TF2) – This week starts a slew of Amateur and Open Team Fortress 2 matches that continue throughout May courtesy of CEVO.

Weekly eSports Forecast March 28 – April 3

Here is the weekly eSports Forecast for the week of March 28th, 2011. Updates will be added as I find them.

MLG Dallas: The first MLG competition of 2011 is here starting Friday the 1st and running through the weekend. There will surely be some amazing matches as some of the best players in North America begin battling it out for a chance in the MLG Grand Finals. Should be a very exciting weekend as always.

GOMtv (SC2): The 2011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship in Seoul starts Monday the 28th and will run till April 9th with some of the best SC2 players in the world battling for the title “world’s best SC2 player.”

ClanBase EuroCup XXIII – This week also starts the beginning of the EuroCup over at the ClanBase website. Additional information here.

Ultimate Gaming Championship The Italian Ultimate Gaming Championship starts this Thursday and runs steady till Sunday the 3rd. This large LAN will feature some exciting tournaments with a respectable prize pool. Additional information here.

ESEA: Early this week ESEA has some exciting TF2 matches for both the Open and Intermediate divisions. They’ll also have one or two Counter-Strike matches for their Main division. Otherwise looks kind of quiet over there. Check the schedule here.

Esports Heaven (CoD4) – This week starts the Sapphire Challenge, a Call of Duty 4 tournament hosted over at Esports Heaven. It runs from tomorrow till April 6th ending with a grand finals.

iCCup Legendary Tournament (SC2) – The iCCup Legendary Tournament continues this weekend April 3rd and 4th with the finals approaching April 9th.

ETF2L (TF2) – This is the second week of the ETF2L Season 9 league.

NEW: Xperia PLAY 2011 Prelude – This Danish event/tournament starts this week, I believe the dates are the 30th and 31st, then continuing on next week and concluding April 10th. Hope that’s right. More information from HLTV.

NEW: FNATIC PLAY / MSI HoN 5-on-5 Tournament – The FNATIC MSI HoN tournament began yesterday and will continue on this week until Saturday the 2nd. Additional information here.

NEW: iCCup Defiler Tournament n15 – Sunday the 3rd starts the iCCup Defiler Tournament.

Team Fortress 2 MANN-conomy Update


Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
Team Fortress 2 

  • Added the Mann-conomy.
    • Added 65 new items (hats, weapons, tools, minigames, gifts, crates).
    • Added the Mann Co. Store & Catalog.
    • Added Trading.
    • Added Item customization.
  • Additional TF2 features
    • Added new auto-team-scramble system:
      • Set mp_scrambleteams_auto to 1 (default) to automatically scramble the teams if the criteria is met
      • Set mp_scrambleteams_auto_windifference to set the number of round wins a team must lead by in order to trigger an auto scramble (default is 2)
    • Updated how Spy disguise targets are selected to more randomly distribute the selections
    • Fixed the FreezePanel background not using the correct color if you were killed by a player or building on your own team
    • Server browser tweaks
      • It will now encourage you to add servers to Favorites or Blacklists after you have a good/bad experience on them.
      • The Server Browser now automatically closes after successfully connecting to a server (opt-out via the Options-Multiplayer->Advanced dialog)
  • Achievement tuning
    • Demoman achievement “The Stickening” changed to 3 from 5.
    • Heavy achievement “Krazy Ivan” changed to 50 from 100.
    • Medic achievement “Consultation” changed to 3 from 5.
    • Medic achievement “Peer Review” changed to 10 from 50.
    • Medic achievement “Placebo Effect” changed to 2 from from 5.
    • Medic achievement “FYI I am A Medic” changed to 1 from 5.
    • Medic achievement “Family Practice” changed to 5 from 10.
    • Soldier achievement “Geneva Contravention” changed to 3 from 5.
    • Scout achievement “Strike Zone” now counts assists.
    • Scout achievements “Fall Classic” and “Foul Territory” are fixed.

Engine (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)

  • Added sv_alltalk to the list of convars that are checked for the sv_tags list.
  • Fixed a model instance crash.
  • Removed engine ConVar “r_ForceRestore”

Other Games
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Updated to run on the Orange Box engine with CS:S, DoD:S, and TF2

The latest Team Fortress 2 patch has dropped! Here’s a quick analysis of the changes:

Added the Mann-conomy. This covers a few new elements to the game. First, they’ve added a brand new in-game catalog that allows you to use your “Steam Wallet” to purchase items. This is a novel idea and makes financial sense considering how long Valve has been supporting this game. Note that the Steam Wallet encompasses all of Steam and not just Team Fortress 2. This is similar to Microsoft Points for Xbox, except Valve uses real money.

Next is the implementation of player-to-player trading. This allows you to trade or gift items you’ve found or crafted to another player. Pretty neat addition and about time. They’ve been talking about it for ages. Also note that at the moment you CANNOT trade or craft purchase items.

Item customization is another step in adding more personalization to your character. Certain items, and I believe this just applies to purchase items, can be renamed and colored differently. Kind of a cool idea, but a few in the forums mentioned how this has “ruined” the art-style. I suppose time will tell.

Added new auto-team-scramble system. I have a feeling this change is going to be a hate-love relationship. On one hand scrambling teams is a great feature because it balances the game and ensures a fair match, but how annoying is this going to be for friends who want to play together. Granted servers will need to enable this, but I have a feeling a decent number will since people bitch about unfair teams all the time.

Server Browser Tweaks: This will require some testing, so I’ll hit up an update once I get a chance to play, but it sounds like there might be some serious potential. Server browsing for the most part hasn’t changed a hell of a lot since even Counter-Strike, so updating the interaction, interface, etc. would be a breath of fresh air.

The official MANN-conomy update page

Helpful resource for understanding the new update: MANN-conomy FAQ


I was playing scout the other day on Gravel Pit and ran into my biggest annoyance in Team Fortress 2: terribad medics. In this particular situation, the douche medic was practically glued to a heavy he was chasing around. My team and I frantically called for his help numerous times but he refused to spread the joy. During one part of the match I even ran circles around him, calling medic, lit with 8 health, only to be picked off by some random guy on the other team. Now I understand that scouts seem notoriously bad at getting heals in most servers, simply because we’re generally considered expendable fodder, but seriously? When I’m standing right in front of him, yelling for help, he should realize, “ok, I can stop for a couple seconds to bring him to enough health to stand a chance at getting away and finding a med pack.” Even that would be acceptable.

I also frequently witness bad medics ubering/kritzing only a single target in an attempt to maximize damage and success, at the expense of other team mates. This on the outside might seem like a valid strategy, but it’s really not. One of the best advantages of an uber or kritz is its power to push the other team back. So let’s actually take a minute and discuss that. Ubers and kritz have a few goals once popped. First, you can plan it out well by finding a good demo or soldier and laying waste to an unsuspecting team. This is probably the best thing you can do in the most ideal situations. If that’s not an option, you can use them to hold or gain ground. This is great because it not only buys time for respawning team mates, but if you can gain ground, you force them to come to you, thus gaining a tactical advantage. If neither of those are options, simply popping it to scare the other team and buy time, when they’ve made a push, can turn out well (assuming your team mates aren’t a bunch of ass-hats). All valid options, all better than randomly popping it on a single target with no communication.

I’d also like to note that popping an uber or kritz to save your life isn’t a waste! I’ve seen medics on numerous occasions die with one just because they thought they might get away from the scout with a clan tag. Yeah right, after the first close-quarter shot, you better pop it because if he’s good the next will kill you (and it’s not worth the risk). By the time you’d respawn and run your ass all the way back, you’ll probably have worked up, or almost worked up, a new one.

Next, if you don’t know, there is a proper heal order when fighting ensues. This mostly applies to competitive play, but it’s not bad to know it just in case. The first is lit (aka substantially hurt) friendlies that are taking fire. If you see them, drop your current target and hit them up (as long as it doesn’t unnecessarily endanger your life). Once those players are covered, anyone else lit and not taking fire is priority. The team needs strong soldiers to fight their battles, so having a bunch of hurt players is worse than having one all buffed up. Remember, numbers wins battles. Finally once no one around you is lit, then begin spreading out the heals until everyone’s buffed. But wait there’s more! The heal order gets even more complicated because once no one’s lit, there are still priorities. The demo, soldiers, and heavies should get healed to full. Then buff up the scouts if they’re around, if not buff up the heavy classes so they can move forward. If you have a pocket soldier, hit him up next. Now the team should be looking pretty good. Finally try and touch up the spies, pyros, snipers, and whoever else is yelling for help. If you can learn this heal order and variations on it, you’ll be leagues ahead of most medics and soon to be topping score boards all over the world.

Finally, I just wanted to mention some random notes. First, don’t underestimate the power of weapons. Shotguns and melee might seem harmless most of the time, but they can really lay people out. If you’re following around a heavy class and they’re looking around confused or acting weird, get a new battle buddy. That’s probably one of those that won’t realize a scout has been jumping around batting you to death for the last couple minutes. Speaking of scouts, don’t dismiss the scatter guns potential for destruction. Kritzing a good scout can get a surprising amount of kills and may be a better choice than that soldier who just fell of a bridge and got lost trying to find his way back. Lastly, there is something called a multi-uber and it can be super pwnage. Remember when I said numbers wins battles? Well, if your micro is good enough, you can click quickly between friendlies to spread the uber love and ensure immunity for a number of them. This can be great for getting small groups past a sentry, securing a point, navigating a bottleneck, etc. Just note that it’s not always easy and it does NOT work for kritz. Although if you’re trying to get past a sentry or navigate a dangerous bottle neck with a kritz…god help us.

So there, a couple solid notes on medic that should be sufficient enough to get you on the right track. It’s an invaluable class that needs better players, so learn it, play it, and pwn with it. GLHF.

(For those interested in competitive notes on medic check out this great guide on ubercharged.net)

7 brothers who aren’t brothers (TF2)

I’ve seen a lot of TF2 frag videos but this is the first one that actually made me horny. The scout spree at the beginning is just perfect and it bleeds into some amazing footage. I think I might go out on a limb and say this is the best produced frag video I’ve ever seen. Don’t miss this one!

Here is a nice little link to the video.

Team Loaded

To keep the week interesting here at SR we’ve decided to have some recurring, day-related posts. The first one is called Top Team Tuesday and it’s a chance for either myself or another writer to talk about a team they are interested in. It could be a pro team, a main or amateur team, or even just a casual scrimming team in a free league. I’m especially excited about this because it directly ties into the eSport database I want to build for the website. It also will help me, and maybe even you, get a feel for who’s out there and who you might consider cheering for in various leagues.

This week I’m going to keep the post a little shorter than anticipated because I didn’t really sleep last night, what with Reach coming out, and my day today was extremely busy. So anyways, the team I chose for this week is Team Loaded. The reason I am interested in this team is because I actively followed them in the ESEA TF2 Invite league last year (Season 4). It was an exciting season with a bunch of ups and downs, with a finals match between Loaded and Evil Geniuses. From what I remember I think EG was slated to win considering their record, but Loaded swept through both Blands and GPit to take the Grand Finals. Unfortunately Loaded appears to have dropped their professional TF2 team, but still maintain a CS 1.6, WoW, MW, HoN, and Quake team. If they ever get back into TF I would definitely keep an eye on them.

If you’re interested in learning more about this team, check out their website here.

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