iMpulse eSports could play spoiler for Future Talent Art Control Team, Clan OverDosed seeks upset over Area 51 Gaming.

The final week of the Indie StarCraft Team League is upon us and action gets started at 8 p.m. Both games will be streamed simultaneously at 8 p.m. EST. iMp versus Future Talent Art Control Team can be seen Clan OverDosed versus Area 51 will be on

Win-and-In Situation
Pool A favorite and leader Area 51 Gaming can rest easy – their spot in the playoffs is already set with their wins over iMpulse eSports (4-2) and Future Talent (4-3).

For Clan OverDosed and Future Talent, the final week of play will determine which of the two reaches the last open playoff spot.

If iMpulse eSports defeats Future Talent tonight, and OverDosed defeats Area 51, then Area 51 and OverDosed will move on. An iMpulse loss couple with an OverDosed loss or win means that Future Talent moves on by virtue of head to head record with OverDosed.

OverDosed Underdogs
A Week 1 All Kill loss to Future Talent didn’t provide much to brag about for Clan OverDosed, but after surprising tournament hosts iMpulse eSports with a 4-1 victory in the following week, OverDosed looks to take on the Pool A giant Area 51.

OverDosed will likely look to players who carried them past iMpulse last week to try and create an upset. Protoss player StrAtiGY and Zerg player NoRegreT tore through the iMpulse line-up last week.

For Area 51, their Terran Drunkenbou defeated Shinya and Week 1’s star, FTaCt Fantasy, and closed out the series with two back-to-back wins by Strength’s Zerg play.

Keep your eyes on: iMpBails and FTaCtFiery
The Future Talent roster is one of the more active teams in the Playhem Daily North American tournaments and last week numerous players made deep runs, including Protoss player Fiery.

For iMpulse, Bails is one of the team’s ace players and just recently was featured with his very own replay pack and QnA article. The Bails replay pack can be seen here:http://impulseesports….=news_comments&newsID=67.

Watch and Win
iMpulse eSports will be giving away coaching lessons from a Masters/Grandmasters player during the ISTL. To register to win, simply follow iMp on Facebook (

Winners will be selected randomly from the two sites followers/friends list, so following both doubles your chances of winning. The winners will be announced during the event finals.

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