Multitude Gaming seeks a win versus Team aiR, Relentless Heroes need a rebound versus Team Nightmares.

The preciousness of a win in a short season was seen on Tuesday night as tournament hosts iMpulse eSports watched their Indie StarCraft Team League playoff aspirations come close to dead at the hands of Clan OverDosed.

Now two teams in a similar situation as iMpulse will look to make sure they don’t fall to the same misfortune iMp did in Day 4 of the ISTL.
Matches will feature Multitude Gaming (MxG) – the tournament darlings who nearly upset heavy favorite Team Nightmares (NMx) last week — versus Team aiR and Team Nightmares versus Relentless Heroes (RH).

Both games will be streamed simultaneously at 8 p.m. EST. Nightmares versus Relentless Heroes can be seen Multitude Gaming versus Team aiR will be on

Playoff Position is at Stake
For Relentless Heroes (0-1, 0 points) and Multitude Gaming (0-1, 0 points), a loss could mean the end of their tournament hopes. Team Nightmares (1-0, 3 points) needs to win one more Clan War win to lock-up their playoff spot and Team aiR (1-0, 3 points) is in the same position.

If Relentless Heroes and Multitude Gaming both earn wins, then it would set up a chaotic Week 3 as the final games of pool play schedule would determine playoff seeding with all three teams tied at three points.

Multitude’s Upset Specialist?
The first major upset of the ISTL wasn’t Clan OverDosed knocking iMpulse eSports out of the playoffs. In fact, it happened in Week 1 when Top 25 Grandmaster NMxMasa lost MxG’s RemarK. The Protoss went 2-1 in their Clan War and used custom-tailored builds to surprise his opponents. Look for him to come into play for MxG again versus Team aiR.

The Race That Matters Most
Some early stats from the ISTL show that the key to victory thus far has been Terran players. Terrans have accounted for nine total wins in non-mirror matches and have played six mirror matches this season. This stat is inflated by Future Talent Art Control Team’s Terran Fantasy, who scored an All Kill in Week 1.

Zerg players have seen the least action, with six Zerg wins in the tournament, five losses and two mirror match appearances.

Protosses on the other hand are neck-and-neck with Terrans in the category of most used race. Protoss players have won seven times, lost a league-leading 10 times and only two PvPs have been played in the pool play stages.

Big T Joins the Casting Crew!
Although he technically made his debut on Tuesday, a new caster has been added to the ISTL rotation. Big T will be adding his voice to casts for the remainder of the ISTL and joining Pyronia to broadcast Relentless Heroes versus Team Nightmares. Joker and Jinx will take care of the casting duties for Team aiR versus Multitude Gaming.

Watch and Win
iMpulse eSports will be giving away coaching lessons from a Masters/Grandmasters player during the ISTL. To register to win, simply follow iMp on Twitter (@iMp_eSports) and Facebook (

Winners will be selected randomly from the two sites followers/friends list, so following both doubles your chances of winning. The winners will be announced during the event finals.

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