Our friends over at iMpulse eSports are starting day 2 of their Indie StarCraft Team League tonight at 8PM EST! Here’s the day 2 press release we’ve received from them:

Indie StarCraft Team League: Day 2 Preview

Team Nightmares make their league debut against Multitude Gaming, Relentless Heroes face Team aiR.

Day 2 of the Indie StarCraft Team League is set to begin at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and tonight’s matches feature Team Nightmares (NMx), Relentless Heroes (RH), Multitide Gaming (MxG) and Team aiR (aiR). Once again casting will be Joker and Pyronia on iMpulse eSports stream No. 1 for Relentless Heroes versus Team aiR. The duo of Quaffle and Jinx will broadcast Team Nightmares (NMx) and Multitude Gaming’s match stream No. 2.

Day 2 Notes No Fan Should Be Without…

Follow, Like, Watch, Win

iMpulse eSports is still holding their contest to win free Grandmasters coaching. In order to enter the competition, fans must follow the iMpulse eSports Twitter account (@iMp_eSports) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/impulseesports). A winner from each page will be chosen during the ISTL finals.

Facing the Unknown

For Relentless Heroes Manager Sinwinn, his team’s contest is a unique match-up. Despite being an active team and participating in many Clan Wars, tournaments and team leagues, they have never faced Team aiR and know little about their make-up, players and styles. In a short interview on Wednesday night, Sinwinn said the lack of information didn’t worry him as they enter their first ISTL match, despite not knowing what to expect from their opponent.

Relentless Hero

Among the top players expected to compete on Thursday night is Relentless Heroes’ Moutas. Moutas has an impressive match history having competed in the IeSF World Sports Championships in Korea and the Electronic Sports World Cup in France. He took a game off of MarineKingPrime in France and made it to the quarterfinals at IeSF.

Watch for: NMxMaSa

One of the biggest names in the ISTL tournament comes from Team Nightmares. NMxMaSu is currently a Top 25 North American Grandmaster and may see action for Team Nightmares in their match with Multitude Gaming. Earlier this year, NMx and MaSa participated in the North American Star Team League qualifiers and were eliminated by Quantic Gaming.

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