So as the site announcement made clear, version 0.1.6 has been launched as of yesterday! It was a huge change, but mostly behind the scenes. I cleaned up and verified almost every line of code currently written (all 11,000+), and improved security which was definitely needed.

There are also some front-end changes you’ll notice, like on the dashboard and the re-addition of the “news” page. I also added cacheing to the dash so it should load faster. Unfortunately highly dynamic pages like “news” will probably be slow. Our web host is awesome and all, but I think it’s designed for more static websites. In the future I’ll definitely try and move hosting in-house on a dedicated server, but that may be awhile from now.

I should also mention that there may be bugs with this new update. Since I altered a lot of back-end code, there is a good chance something got messed up. I try to test as much as possible, but I can’t spend forever trying ever angle. New feautres won’t code themselves! :P

Finally, version 0.2.0. I am just starting this update right now. It’s going to be another big one that adds the latest feature to the site: pages. Pages are a inspired feature that brings eSports information one step closer to TSR users. They will be available for players, teams, events, games, and matches. You will be able to submit them, alter them, rate them, and discuss them. I think they’ll end up being a pretty powerful feature. ETA on this update is…probably like 2-3 weeks depending on how smoothly everything goes. So stay tuned!

2012-03-21 09:59:09