The IGN Pro League has been going strong and here at the Spawn Room we like to ensure all the fans and players are well connected to the content flowing out of it. So as customary, we’re going to provide a comprehensive overview of the event and all the resources you need to stay on top.

First, if you’re like me and constantly busy, your time is worth a lot. One of the problems I’ve faced is trying to determine which games to watch. I’ve mostly been relying on word of mouth but I recently found two resources that will aid you in making that decision a little easier: SC2 Tournament Ratings and SC2casts. You can also check out SC2 Casts Finder,, and for similar features.

Brackets and Results

Official IPL Tournament Bracket.

IGN Pro League on Liquipedia.

Match ratings on SC2 Tournament Ratings.

Videos and Features

Official IPL VOD page.

IGN Pro League on

IGN Pro League YouTube channel.

IGN Pro League coverage on SC2casts. This resource lists the games with the series rating, very helpful!

IGN Starcraft YouTube channel.

djWHEAT’s YouTube channel has some match coverage.

TotalHalibut’s YouTube channel has some match coverage.

IGN Pro League official trailer.

JP McDaniel’s YouTube and Justin.TV channels feature State of the Game and Starcraft Center which both touch on the IGN Pro League among other things.

Images and Galleries

All the IGN Pro League player portraits.

Other Pro League Resources

IGN Pro League Twitter.

IGN Pro League Facebook.

IGN Pro League post on Team Liquid.

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