It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here. Over the past year, I’ve been focused on a new project called D&D Newbie Sessions (Dungeons & Dragons). It’s been an absolute blast and has stolen much of my attention from eSports, gaming, and VR.

D&D Newbie Sessions is kind of like D&D on-demand. New players and experienced players can join and sign-up for games that are happening every week. We mostly run one-shots which are great for introducing D&D to new players, but we also do ongoing campaigns via our Community Campaign series. Both of these offer countless hours of fun for people who want to test out D&D without committing to months of games.

We also train Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) via our DM Training Program. This 2-3 hour training session provides hands-on experience running a game of D&D. It’s really fun and really effective at training newbie DMs.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn D&D or start playing again after a long hiatus, D&D Newbie Sessions is the group for you. It’s free, open to everyone, and super welcoming. Come join our community and explore some amazing fantasy worlds!