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It’s Quiet…Too Quiet…

It began with panic, then morphed into tireless, empty nights. My lethargy abated only by the rich, dark poison we so commonly embrace. A slumbering beast waited patiently to drag me off to a chamber of hungry eyes. My spirit was broken and my body worn. Each day crawled by mocking my efforts. Yet through it all I remain standing, victorious over the battles that dared face me. Now it is time to return to my post, awaiting the ever approaching darkness that threatens to follow.

So yeah, the month of May was interesting. It literally consumed my life until the day I graduated. Now after a move and getting resettled, I return to my duties. One of course being my job here at The Spawn Room, bringing you various eSports articles and bits of news. But there are other plans in the works. Eventually I want to tear down this website and relaunch it the way I always dreamed of. But it will be a long road, and I have no money because I’m self-employed making $0 / hour, so we’ll see how that goes…

Oh and this weekend I will be attending MLG Columbus in person, with a few friends. It’s going to be completely off-the-wall. I’m going to be so jacked and hopefully will get a chance to party with the pros! Yeah, so check back for photos, my thoughts, a review, maybe some other random stuff, and who knows what else. Peace.

Weekly eSports Forecast March 28 – April 3

Here is the weekly eSports Forecast for the week of March 28th, 2011. Updates will be added as I find them.

MLG Dallas: The first MLG competition of 2011 is here starting Friday the 1st and running through the weekend. There will surely be some amazing matches as some of the best players in North America begin battling it out for a chance in the MLG Grand Finals. Should be a very exciting weekend as always.

GOMtv (SC2): The 2011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship in Seoul starts Monday the 28th and will run till April 9th with some of the best SC2 players in the world battling for the title “world’s best SC2 player.”

ClanBase EuroCup XXIII – This week also starts the beginning of the EuroCup over at the ClanBase website. Additional information here.

Ultimate Gaming Championship The Italian Ultimate Gaming Championship starts this Thursday and runs steady till Sunday the 3rd. This large LAN will feature some exciting tournaments with a respectable prize pool. Additional information here.

ESEA: Early this week ESEA has some exciting TF2 matches for both the Open and Intermediate divisions. They’ll also have one or two Counter-Strike matches for their Main division. Otherwise looks kind of quiet over there. Check the schedule here.

Esports Heaven (CoD4) – This week starts the Sapphire Challenge, a Call of Duty 4 tournament hosted over at Esports Heaven. It runs from tomorrow till April 6th ending with a grand finals.

iCCup Legendary Tournament (SC2) – The iCCup Legendary Tournament continues this weekend April 3rd and 4th with the finals approaching April 9th.

ETF2L (TF2) – This is the second week of the ETF2L Season 9 league.

NEW: Xperia PLAY 2011 Prelude – This Danish event/tournament starts this week, I believe the dates are the 30th and 31st, then continuing on next week and concluding April 10th. Hope that’s right. More information from HLTV.

NEW: FNATIC PLAY / MSI HoN 5-on-5 Tournament – The FNATIC MSI HoN tournament began yesterday and will continue on this week until Saturday the 2nd. Additional information here.

NEW: iCCup Defiler Tournament n15 – Sunday the 3rd starts the iCCup Defiler Tournament.

Halo: Reach MLG Rules v1 Announced

Major League Gaming has announced their Halo Reach competitive rule set. For those of you unfamiliar with rule sets, they’re basically a set of changes to the gameplay that defines a new game type. In this case, it’s for MLG which hosts competitive tournaments for professional Halo players (among others). You may remember this being added in Halo 3 as one of your matchmaking options. Well now it’s approaching for Reach as well, and soon we’ll have aspiring pro-Halo players pwning with the official gametype.

The new rule set looks pretty standard (Halo 3 MLG RS v8) with a boost to player speed (120%) and jump height (110%), which will return a familiar feel to the game. Player gravity has also been adjusted to 200%, which seems really high, but I’m guessing this will help return that Master Chief-feel to the game. Players should now be able to make jumps and clear gaps that they normally couldn’t. As expected, motion tracker is off, penalties and booting are disabled, and you start with the DMR and no side weapon.

Right now they have Team Slayer listed with Asylum, Countdown, Reflection, and Zealot as available maps, and CTF with Aslyum, Countdown, and Zealot. Hopefully with some more testing and tweaking they’ll add some additional maps and game types.

For more information about the new rule set, check out the full article and description. See you on Live!

HuK to Team Liquid

HuK, qualifier for IEM Season V and winner of MLG Raleigh is now part of Team Liquid, making there already solid team even stronger. The phenomenal Canadian Starcraft 2 pro, (I wonder if he trains with Jeremy) will be  moving into the Team Liquid – oGs house in Korea with several other Team Liquid players to play Starcraft full time. Read the full interview/article here. GG.

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