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Quick and Dirty Bunny Hop Lesson + Site Update

So I haven’t been super active on the blog here, but I’ve been releasing new YouTube videos on TSR, SJC, and perlox5. I’m probably going to keep this up for the near future + blog content here and on NotDef. I want to get into more content production, but I’m also poor and need to work to keep alive, so that severely cuts into my potential project time. But no worries, I’m a vigilant person and will continue onward.

With that being said, the most recent TSR video talked about bunny hopping in CS:GO. It’s a “quick and dirty” lesson (at least quick and dirty compared to my other uploads) and provides some insight into when to use bhop. It’s primarily a fun tool to exploit in casual servers, improve speeds and jumps in surfing, and win mini-games in mg_ maps. The biggest boost to my bhop skills was simply switching [JUMP] to [Mouse-wheel-down]. This will send many more jump commands to the server allowing you to execute jumps at the right time for a successful hop. Once you get this down (which shouldn’t take long), just start alternating between A and D, moving your mouse with your jumps. This is somewhat effective in normal servers, but only somewhat and only if you get really good at the timing and movement. Otherwise you won’t really gain much from it. I don’t really recommend trying this in matches either because it’s almost always going to be better to have your gun out and aiming or focusing on better positioning, etc. Bunny hopping will probably get you killed more often than not in a competitive match, but it’s loads of fun in other game modes so give it a try!

Spawn Room Changes

Over the next month and a half, I will be slowly working on some major changes to Spawn Room. The first, you may have noticed, is a theme change. The current theme is NOT the one that’s going to be used forever. I am currently working on creating a completely custom theme I feel will suit the site well.

The functionality of the website will also be changing. Instead of a bloggish look, it will be more modular and submission focused. I want the main page to be more informative than it currently is. You’ll hopefully see these changes coming sometime in January assuming I have enough time.

Finally, the forums are now LIVE! We’re using bbPress because it has great WordPress integration, BUT I don’t know if this is also the final solution for forums. In any case, they’re up and running so Akheel (WoW guild) has somewhere to post information.

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting!

Features, Features, Features

Spawn Room is going to be an ever growing, changing website, but there are a few features we want to implement here regardless of it’s grand direction. The first is to provide accurate, reliable guides that help new players and even experienced players, find all the information they need. I’ve often found it annoying that large eSport websites don’t provide the simplest data most players are looking for. It is my goal to create some sort of system we can use here to ensure new teams, players and games are constantly created and updated. Obviously this is a task too large for one or even the few people running this website, so it’s going to require, instead, community input. I want to make something like a submission form people can use to submit a team, their website, games played, etc. This way we’d only have to moderate the submissions and otherwise just let it grow with the community. This way it would also allow Invite, Main, Amateur, and Free teams to get noticed. Definitely a feature worth implementing (assuming it’s done correctly), and one I think would be great for advertising. Imagine if every time you loaded the main page here a widget in the sidebar randomly displayed a team, player, or server you could look into.

SR tournament and team. Eventually we hope to establish a community here with interested players in a variety of games. Assuming the site population is large enough, I’d love to host our own tournaments. I think we’ve got some interesting ideas that could be a lot of fun. In terms of a team, I’m not entirely sure how that route would go. Either we’d just want a casual group of players that represent the site by displaying the [SR] tag in their name, or have a smaller team for certain games and compete in the big boy tourneys. Definitely something to consider, alongside an SR ventrilo server.

The final major feature we’d like to focus on is scheduling. This is one of the biggest headaches I have with the eSport community. It doesn’t seem like there is one great resource for finding IPs and URLs to live matches. You have to bounce around here and there to find ones for StarCraft, ones for Counter-Strike, and ones for Team Fortress. Spawn Room wants to devise a clever way to bring them all here, in one spot, sortable and ratable, so your life can be easy. Enjoy the games and don’t waste time sifting through posts only to find out you missed the stream by a half-hour.

If you’re interested in helping us achieve these goals and create a one-of-a-kind, totally ballin’ eSport website, then post in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, thanks for reading and check back periodically.

All Hail the Glorious Spawn Room!

I spent the whole summer fine tuning the site, working on ideas and patiently waiting for my FAFSA funds to roll out so I could blow some of it on hosting. Finally, as of yesterday, I purchased some and launched the site. Now today I present to you the Spawn Room, a gaming and eSport news blog with a mission to provide the perfect home for gamers. Imagine, if you will, a world where you can find the top gaming and eSport news, mashed together with patch notes, and witty opinionated articles (that don’t suck balls). Now take that picture and multiple it by 1000 because we’re also going to provide information for live streams, IP’s for matches to spec, lists of the best teams, guides on how to get into eSports, and everything in between.

Why did we make this our mission? Because as a fellow eSport enthusiast I’ve always found the lack of information about the industry frustrating. When I first stepped into this world I had no idea where to start. Who were the best teams? Who were the best players? What games are most popular? What games should I play competitively? Unfortunately for me, the answers were spread out all over the Internet and required tedious research to solve. But not anymore, not for you. Spawn Room is going to provide a comprehensive resource of gaming knowledge for gamers all over the world. We’re not going to parrot news, we’re not going to lick our sponsors nut-sacks, we’re going to tell it like it is, and give you exactly what you need: just the best gaming news.

So enjoy the Spawn Room, because everyone dies once in awhile, and you need something to keep you busy while you wait for respawn.

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