I spent the whole summer fine tuning the site, working on ideas and patiently waiting for my FAFSA funds to roll out so I could blow some of it on hosting. Finally, as of yesterday, I purchased some and launched the site. Now today I present to you the Spawn Room, a gaming and eSport news blog with a mission to provide the perfect home for gamers. Imagine, if you will, a world where you can find the top gaming and eSport news, mashed together with patch notes, and witty opinionated articles (that don’t suck balls). Now take that picture and multiple it by 1000 because we’re also going to provide information for live streams, IP’s for matches to spec, lists of the best teams, guides on how to get into eSports, and everything in between.

Why did we make this our mission? Because as a fellow eSport enthusiast I’ve always found the lack of information about the industry frustrating. When I first stepped into this world I had no idea where to start. Who were the best teams? Who were the best players? What games are most popular? What games should I play competitively? Unfortunately for me, the answers were spread out all over the Internet and required tedious research to solve. But not anymore, not for you. Spawn Room is going to provide a comprehensive resource of gaming knowledge for gamers all over the world. We’re not going to parrot news, we’re not going to lick our sponsors nut-sacks, we’re going to tell it like it is, and give you exactly what you need: just the best gaming news.

So enjoy the Spawn Room, because everyone dies once in awhile, and you need something to keep you busy while you wait for respawn.