Spawn Room is going to be an ever growing, changing website, but there are a few features we want to implement here regardless of it’s grand direction. The first is to provide accurate, reliable guides that help new players and even experienced players, find all the information they need. I’ve often found it annoying that large eSport websites don’t provide the simplest data most players are looking for. It is my goal to create some sort of system we can use here to ensure new teams, players and games are constantly created and updated. Obviously this is a task too large for one or even the few people running this website, so it’s going to require, instead, community input. I want to make something like a submission form people can use to submit a team, their website, games played, etc. This way we’d only have to moderate the submissions and otherwise just let it grow with the community. This way it would also allow Invite, Main, Amateur, and Free teams to get noticed. Definitely a feature worth implementing (assuming it’s done correctly), and one I think would be great for advertising. Imagine if every time you loaded the main page here a widget in the sidebar randomly displayed a team, player, or server you could look into.

SR tournament and team. Eventually we hope to establish a community here with interested players in a variety of games. Assuming the site population is large enough, I’d love to host our own tournaments. I think we’ve got some interesting ideas that could be a lot of fun. In terms of a team, I’m not entirely sure how that route would go. Either we’d just want a casual group of players that represent the site by displaying the [SR] tag in their name, or have a smaller team for certain games and compete in the big boy tourneys. Definitely something to consider, alongside an SR ventrilo server.

The final major feature we’d like to focus on is scheduling. This is one of the biggest headaches I have with the eSport community. It doesn’t seem like there is one great resource for finding IPs and URLs to live matches. You have to bounce around here and there to find ones for StarCraft, ones for Counter-Strike, and ones for Team Fortress. Spawn Room wants to devise a clever way to bring them all here, in one spot, sortable and ratable, so your life can be easy. Enjoy the games and don’t waste time sifting through posts only to find out you missed the stream by a half-hour.

If you’re interested in helping us achieve these goals and create a one-of-a-kind, totally ballin’ eSport website, then post in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, thanks for reading and check back periodically.